Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Featured!!!!

I know I'm linked to a lot of other blogs out there - more than I even know about. More than I even know are out there.

It's nice and has some sort of validation for the writing I do - and all the men I have to have sex with just to placate you guys, as you apparently like reading about these things I do.

One of my readers emailed me today to point out that yesterday I was the featured blog (or editor's pick) on Gaydemon. I like that for any number of reasons. One being that I never even knew Gaydemon existed, so it is not like we're in cahoots in some backdoor shenanigans to boost each other's readership.

Secondly, I love how a reader pointed me to it.

Mostly, I love that the editor(s) liked my blog (honestly, I like that anyone likes it). I'm into this almost 3 years and over 200 posts and 200,000 hits (and I didn't have a counter my first 8 mos). Ok, I like how they have an editor. I'm my own writer, editor and publisher. And naturally, I go out and do all my own research too.....usually on my knees or back.

Not that it is published yet, but naturally I left a comment on their site and I think I will link to them. I'm really bad about updating my blogroll, but very careful about whom I do. I want folks who read me to read what I do - and what I like and what I relate to. As Gaydemon kind of calls me on: I have a perverted mind. I can't even argue with that one.

They question (too strong of a phrase, actually) if the stories are true, and fortunately (or not) they are. But when I re-read what they wrote, I think they are talking about the people I link to and their stories.

Since I am actually at work, I can't delve into Gaydemon just yet, but I will. Thank g-d, it's a long weekend!


trouble611 said...

You deserve all of the accolades and recognition that is bestowed upon you! Keep up the great work. I'm certain that there is more to come.

Anonymous said...

keep the posts coming..... love 'em! and the pics..... MORE!