Wednesday, June 25, 2008

28 year old Suck Job

So when I was in DC last week, I did have a good time – when I wasn’t working, that is.

The hotel was great, except for the fact that it had one of those elevators that would only work with an active room key – which meant, the guys I hooked up with had to figure out to hop a ride with another hotel guest, or I had to go down and meet them.

One guy was younger than I normally go for – he left his description on my email as such:

28 6'4 180 white jock hung 8 inches looking to swing by and get sucked off very real here. no bullshit and looking for discreet. very real here.

Well, he was everything he said he would be, but being late at night, I knew I’d have to go down and meet him, as lobby traffic would be slow. And he was not dressed at all for this hotel – crappy t-shirt, hip-hop-ish shorts that were off his hips exposing his briefs. He was not the normal clientele for this establishment.

The guy was stoned out of his mind and I probably should have thought better of letting him upstairs, but it was a calculated risk I was willing to take.

We got to my room and he wanted to get right down to business, which is great because, I wasn’t looking for him to stick around longer than needed. He dropped his shorts and leaned back on the bed, facing the floor to ceiling window…..which you know I’m ok with. First, I’m a complete exhibitionist and secondly, we were on the 8th floor so not easily visible.

His dick was great. I’d say bigger than 8”, maybe by half and inch. It stood straight up and curved well to his right (my left). The guy just leaned back on both elbows and let me do my thing – and I did a good job.

He had some great moans and groans and a few hip thrust, but mostly he let me do what I do best. I don’t know if he was straight or gay – and it really didn’t matter. He was there to have a mouth on his dick, and I was there to put it in mine. It was a win-win.

The entire scenario lasted maybe 20 minutes. He liked his balls played with, lapped at or sucked. But he really liked that I could take him all the way down.

The closer he got, the more vocal he got. I’m ok with that. I don’t know if my neighbors were, but I didn’t really care. Admittedly, I like the possibility that they can hear and have an idea what is going on. They might not know the act – or that it’s two guys, but they know someone is getting their nut.

He blew a nice big load and it tasted just fine. I stayed on it until he was done, but when I tried to milk it he pushed me away – as I think he was just too sensitive. I understand and respect that.

But once I was off of it, he pulled up his shorts and headed to the door. No idle chit-chat. No even asking to use the restroom. He showed up. He came. He was gone. They should all be that easy.

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you sound lonely.