Sunday, June 15, 2008

Office Suck Off

Last Tuesday I was horny and hit our local craigslist. It is something I rarely do – mostly because I don’t have time when in town to find a hook-up and secondly the guys who post there or respond there are the same 18 guys. I’ve already done them and/or rejected them (or them me).

The day started off bad. A guy in a hotel 3 blocks from where I worked. Should have been easy – right? Well, just by me posing that question, you know it wasn’t.

He had multiple guys respond. He wanted a group. He wanted pics and phone numbers. He replied when he wanted, but nothing ever definitive. He wouldn’t answer the emails asking what his room number was.

Only when I called him out for being a flake did he start responding. But then it was, the one guy who showed up now doesn’t want an audience. Then it was, my co-workers are out in the halls and seeing people come and go from his room would be bad.

That last one? Bullshit!

Having been a trick or had them in hotel rooms 100s of times over, no one has ever escorted me to the door and peeked their head out to see who was in the hallway. Especially when the host said he was only in his boxers. Co-workers or not, they just don’t go into the halls let alone to see who is there. And 30 minutes later, the co-workers still in the hall? Gimme a fuckin break.

Then he wants to know if I can do it in my office (though I had already told him I couldn’t). Then, could we do it in a car. I finally had to tell him to ‘go fuck off’.

Later in the day, I started on-line conversing with a lawyer who works about 5 blocks from me. I was a little ambivalent at this point, until he showed me this:



How could I turn THAT down? Better yet – why would I?

The guys was ok. Clearly Jewish, which is ok with me, as I love me a Semitic man. And he is a lawyer. Yes, no stereotypical jokes, please.

Oh, and he kind of thought I was married and I kind of didn’t correct him. I also might of, sort of, kind of, led him to believe that I have only sucked dick 3-4 times before in my life. Ooops.

He took all that information and just ran with it.

The cock in person (in his office, after hours) was magnificent. No other way to describe it. Just fucking beautiful. Over 8” – about my size – but much thick and with a nicer head. Huge nuts too.

In person, he was kind of nebbish, but not undoable. He told me he was married - but if he has a wife, then I have a wife! If it is role play we want, then I can go along.

Anyway, I stroked the shaft in awe, the way a novice, married guy might do (I have no real benchmark for this one).

At some point I went to my knees and “tried” to get it in my mouth. To me, my “coughs and gags" were lame, but he seemed to buy them, talking me through how to take a dick. His dick. I kept pulling off asking if I was doing an ok job. He assured me I was.

He did switch places with me and go down on me. The guy was a Class A cocksucker. No way he was married. Or has a lot of free time where he can find time to practice taking big dicks down his throat.

He stood up and I went back down, but he wanted to jack off for me, putting his dick back in my mouth only about 30 seconds before he was ready to blow. I was ok with that.

I will say, the guy had a MASSIVE load. I hadn't blown for 9 days and he said his was 2. I couldn't imagine what his would have been like had he held out another week.

My little jig might have been up there, as I did not miss one single drop - or cough, or gag. Swallowed him all. If he noticed any of that, he said nothing.

Quickly we switched places. Soon my dick was back down his throat and I was ready to blow. I told him how much I cum and how long it had been since last time I shot. He assured me he could take it.


Like the last few times - they say they can, but they can't. He coughed. He gagged. If he swallowed any, it was little - as he reached for a tissue and I think he spit most of it into there. He kept apologizing saying there was too much.

Is there such a thing as too much cum? If so, I have yet to experience it.

So the day wasn't a complete loss - as I got a huge jewish load. But I was frustrated with guy #1 (which I am still not convinced wasn't the same guy I had just hooked up with at the office) and by the guy at the office not taking my load.

Maybe I'll just have to stop letting guys suck me. It's too frustrating for me to waste that seed. Any seed. Mine or theirs.


Shirizaan said...
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Shirizaan said...

Blargh. Didn't mean to delete that last one.

It's been my experience that no, there's no such thing as too much cum.

I love a healthy load when swallowing.

Anonymous said...

I think that I may be a litle sheltered but I have to ask. Why do you say that he was obviously Jewish? It just looks like another nice cock to me.