Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm w/RawTop on this One

A few weeks ago, RawTop wrote a blog entry where he is tempted to reveal identities of guys are who are basically flakes. I'd take it a step further and post their pics, if they provided them to me.

It has become clear to me that I'm slow. Slow to act. Slow to react. Slow to learn my lesson. You may as well just get one of those yellow diamond shaped signs that say: SLOW CHILD.

Deep down, I know I'm not a feeder or much of a top - yet for some reason, this last 6-8 months I have been trying to spread those wings - almost all have been unsuccessful attempts. Yesterday, in DC was no different.

I had successfully extracted a number of loads out of a number of different guys the few days before (more on those in a later post), so I thought on my last morning, I'd let someone help me get rid of my load.

Now, I've been blessed with a nice dick (I cannot take any credit for it - it was just standard issue on my model) so attracting guys to it is like flies to honey. Yeah, usually the wrong kind of fly, but still......

I did get a number of responses that intrigued me - and by guys who weren't too horrible and even pretty hot looking. While I have crafted good craigslist ads when I want to eat (or more), I need some work on perfecting when I need to feed - though I don't think that will be a problem, because I cannot see me doing it again. I'll stick to eating.

Anyway, I had a full seven day load in my nuts and thought I would reward someone. Here was my final selection:

Service oriented, eager gwm btm. 40, 5-9, 165#, fit, masc, shaved head, go-t, mod hairy, 7"c, expert cocksucker, tight willing hole, neg/ddf, discreet, safe, sane. love servicing a verbal top that knows what he wants and how he wants it. into sucking cock, balls, and more.

He showed up and looked just like his pics and his stats, so it started off promising.

And I will say, the guy had a nice mouth and a great tongue - and he had a flicking way of using said tongue on my ass that I am going to have to try to incorporate into my own oral skills.

While my ad clearly stated that I did not want my load wasted, I once again made the mistake of asking before they came over if they would indeed swallow every single drop. I'm too trusting. Or I think like a cocksucker - since I am one - that all cocksuckers want or crave the load. Silly me. Again.

During the blowjob, I asked the "cocksucker" when the last time he swallowed a load. I just assumed he would say something like 'yesterday', but my back went up when he responded 'months and months ago'. It somewhat quelled my fears when he responded, "because no one has forced me to take it." ...and he said it with a dirty look that I would have given any of my feeders.

So when it came time to unleash, I held him down and I held him down hard. And I held him down long. I didn't give him a centimeter to wriggle with between my crotch and his lips. If he insinuated he needed to be forced, then dammit, I'm running with it.

Then the motherfucker coughed up every drop I shot into my pubes and crotch. The asshole had no intention of taking any of it.

I couldn't hold back at least a look of major disdain. Or verbal. I pretty much told him to get the fuck out, while I went to clean up.

But trust me on the temptation to post his email and picture here. When I put a pic up here, I am pretty good about cropping out distinguishing features - but oh to do the full body and face shot!

When it comes down to it, I'm a bigger man than he is.

I'm going back to just servicing guys and not use my own dick. It is just not worth it.


Anonymous said...

OK. While I agree with you and rawtop in principle...I got an issue with it. How do you know for sure that the flake sent you his pic? It could be someother guys pics that he is using.

On swallowing your load. I am a top and from time to time I feel the need to blow and swallow another top. Two things usually happen though...sometimes I am not all that into the top...but I enjoy sucking so I suck...with no intention of swallowing...then again, your cum may not taste good. I think you are thinking like a true cocksucker. You need to find another cum hungry cocksucker.

BikeGuy said...

Your logic is flawed Anonymous. Or you don't read for content. Or both.

See the response to my ad: he says he's bottom....not bottom curious.

How do I know the pictures are really him? You mean - other than he showed up? I'm not Louis Braille.

My ad was clear on the swallowing and not wasting the load. If you had no intention of taking it (or if he did), why the fuck would you answer an ad like that?

You're right - I do think like a cocksucker...because I am one!, which is how I know he was bad at what he did.

pig said...

Let me start with saying I enjoy and admire your blog. As a fellow cocksucker and swallower I hear what you are saying and I think you should start posting pictures.

I had a top show up last week from a CL ad and I could not have been more specific. Cum in find me on my knees and use me. No recip.

so he shows up and wants to get all romantic then tells me he really wants to blow me. I told him no, thats not what i was looking for. He kept trying so I finally got off my knees and told him to get the fuck out and make sure not to answer my ad again.

You were specific what you wanted,he agreed. If he had seconf thought, he should have been up front about it.

I personally would be more than happy to drink your load and have fantasized about it ever since I first started reading your blog.

As for anonymouse, you were probably the top i kicked out.

BareBottom1980 said...

So... put a load in their ass instead.

BikeGuy said...

I personally would be more than happy to drink your load and have fantasized about it ever since I first started reading your blog.

Now now now, Pig - that's almost the kind of bait and switch you were complaining about. You've read my blog. You read the last post. I might be off of getting serviced and just settle on being me: cum dump!

pig said...

im just saying there are thirsty men out there that would love to feed on you. I am one of them. if you ever are in the need to drop a load and in chicago, look me up. :)

Anonymous said...

dude--get a life. your concerns are petty.

Anonymous said...

fucking expose these asshole for who they are!!! they'll play any kind of game to suit their own needs. once guys start calling them on their shit, i'm sure either they will wisen up, or more probably, go away and create a wide pathway for all of us true pigs to get piggy!!!

Anonymous said...

To Pig and BigGuy...great so we start posting pics of guys that piss us off, what if the guys then start posting your face pics around, don't think you'd like that...if it's not a problem, how about you start by posting them on your blogs....i'd love to see your smiling cocksuker faces.