Saturday, June 07, 2008

@ the Park

While traveling down I-71, southbound, for work, I continue to pass a park that I used to frequent when I lived about two hours away from where I do now.

The park has about 40 or so softball fields and is pretty deserted during the day, or in anytime when it is not spring and summer. Many a men would drive around that park looking for action that never took place on a ball diamond (though I'm sure some of them did actually do IT on the diamond).

When I say I frequented the park, I do mean frequently!!! Literally, I had hundreds of pick-ups in this park - some of them actually in pick-ups, or at least the back of them. This park was also the place where I first got busted for public indecency - but that is another story.

On my last trip southward, I had no schedule to keep and no appointments that I had to make. I was going down on-site just to work for the day. Really just going to show my face. It was kind of early for action in a park, but I've been there earlier and been lucky, so what the hell, I thought I'd take a slight detour.

The potential for action was larger than I would have guessed. Maybe 5-6 cars driving around looking for something. We were all looking for something.

Me? I was looking for a mouthful - but I also know the odds in places like these. I almost always assume everyone is looking for the same thing, and on the same receiving end (so to speak).

My hunches were not wrong, but luckily, when it comes to blowjobs, I'm ok at getting one as I am at giving one. Or at least in the last few years I've become that way. Naturally, I'd rather eat than feed, but sometimes you do what you have to - just for the sake of public sex. Sometimes that is the determiner.

After some posturing, a handsome man in his late 40s got out of his car and pretended to walk towards the trashcan near mine (I always park near one to give them or myself an excuse of tossing some garbage). He then walked up to my open windowed car and asked how I was doing and what I was doing. Within in the matter of a minute, he was pinching my left nipple every so lightly - but you all know how that fucking turns me on. After that, it was just a trip south for him as he went for my crotch. I was already way hard, so his play did nothing to help that.

We repositioned the cars (for lookout) and he got into my passenger. We did the 'are you a cop?' exchange (is asking and answering that question even valid in law anyway?) and took it to the next step: my 8" cock out of my pants.

Before I let him go down on me, we discussed that he is a good cocksucker and wanted the load. I clarified when he said 'wanted' he meant 'swallow' it. I clarified that *I* meant swallow it. He emphatically said yes. I also told him, on an average day I shot large amounts of goo and that it had been about two weeks since I dumped my nut. He didn't think there'd be a problem.

After he got his mouth on my dick, neither did I. The guy had a great mouth. One I hope mine feels like as a feeder uses it. Since I can't perform auto-fellatio, I don't think I'll ever know.

A few times I had to push him off my dick because I got too close too soon. But he wanted it and seemingly wanted it bad. Again, I was in no rush to get to work, but I figured I still had an hour drive and that I should wrap it up.

I had forewarned him that when I told him to stop moving to do just that. And so I have him that signal and told him to start swallowing. And he did. Kind of.

For all his self-accolades on blow-job-ability, his full grasp on ingesting my seed lacked follow-through. I could see a huge drop coming down my shaft and told him so - and that it was not to get on my work pants. But as that loose jizz traveled faster than his recovery abilities, I had to catch it on my own finger so it wouldn't stain my khakis.

Then the stupid fuck backed off too soon. Way too soon. He wanted to talk about why he didn't get it all, and I was trying to avert a chinos-sperm disaster. I still had plenty of cum left that if a feeder offered me, I would have gladly been back down on it. But not this guy. Douchebag.

I heard him say something about 'how difficult the angle was' and came this close to say, 'cry me a fucking river'. Seriously, if it's a difficult angle, what the fuck are you doing sucking cock in cars in a park. THAT is the angle - in more than once sense of the phrase.

Yeah - I got my public sex thing on, which I do love more than I can truly say, but I was annoyed that it wasn't me eating and that the guy who did eat me was not as good as he could and should have been. The act of getting off was pretty much ruined.

I've never been the guy who has held a cocksucker tightly down to finish the job, but maybe that's the answer. This has happened all too often lately.

All I can say, as a cocksucker myself - I'd rather choke to death than miss a drop.


Anonymous said...

This was very good - I use a rest stop sort of a woodsy one off a maine road - in Maine actually prob there is the guys are old - most have smelly crotches-empty or very busy . I will say some of these guys must have saved up as their cum can be thick and tasty . tried bringing a spray or soap but it leaves a taste too. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hot story again. Hey if your in Seattle you need to check out my mouth stud. I swallowed the most amazing load at the LAX Hilton the other night. Huge. But i was a total trooper and kept with the flow. Love when I can feel it pulsing into my gullet.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried the trails in that park? Used to find quite a bit of action there.