Sunday, June 01, 2008

All Time High

Not just another crappy James Bond theme title (thank you Rita Coolidge), but since I've put a counter on this blog, May logged the highest number of hits: Almost 16,100 - or a thousand higher than the last highest, which was in March.

I take no credit for this at all - it is all your guys' doing.

Granted, I have to write something for you to come back to here. I also know I haven't been as consistent at posting as some others, but my sex encounters seemed to generally tied to my travels. When I'm not on the road, I have little to share.

Oddly enough, I don't mind work travel for a number of reasons, but I really look forward to it because I know I'll get laid. It might not be the best sex, but will plan my trips, my meals and my free time around the best time to find dick and spooge. Sometimes it works, sometimes its a bust - as you all well know.

Unfortunately, I don't have work travel scheduled for another few weeks, but that is scheduled. I always seem to have some unplanned trips that pop up.

For new posts, I might have to pull from my long sordid history. Does anyone have a topic or type of encounter they might want to hear about? I don't know I've lived it, but it might at least spur some of my thought process.

I have a few more newer encounters I haven't posted yet - so at least look for those in the upcoming days.

Thanks again for increasing my traffic and reading about my depravity.......which clearly is yours too.

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Anonymous said...

hey if you've ever had the experience, share about a time you had a four way with two guys who were top and two guys who were bottom. i've never experienced it yet, but it sounds hot!!