Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Kind of.

I think I've mentioned now and again that when I post ads on CL or such, now and again, I get a response: "don't you have a blog?".

It's one of those comments that make me rethink this whole thing. I don't tell my tricks that I might blog about them, or that I have a blog. Hell, I don't even print full pics of me - so how they are gathering this info from a personal ad just kind of freaks me out a bit. Obviously not enough for me to stop doing what I'm doing.

So on my last trip, I was having dinner with two friends. We were sitting outdoors dining, in front of the resturaunt. Now, my friends are gay and even one of them knows about my (s)exploits. His partner might also, as I don't think they keep any secrets - but you never know.

Now my friend is also like the social butterfly of the town, so whenever I'm with him, many a men come up and say hi or such. So it was no different this night.

At one point, two men on a date came up and said hello, and I was introduced to both of them. One of the men was very attractive (in my opinion). My friend introduced us and said where I was from. The attractive man repeated in a pseudo-question form where I was from. I confirmed. Shortly afterward, they left and we went on with our meal.

The next morning, I did post an ad on CL to see what would cum my way. One of the responders was "Ray" (not his real name). Here is the email that follows. Or parts. I'm not doing this to embarrass or call anyone out - as I thought it was fun, funny and endearing.

Didn't I meet you last night? You were having dinner with "Ben" and "Jim" at Commissary...If I'm not mistaken, you have a blog that I enjoy reading on occasion as well.Don't mean to be nosy, just thought you looked familiar last night. I have a knack for remembering faces, but not always the context. After hearing you were from Cleveland, I figured I knew who you were, but since I wasn't sure if you were open to your friends about your exploits, I thought it best not to bring it up. Well, that and I was on a first date and thought it would be rude to flirt with another guy.

It was a shame he was on a date, because I totally would have hooked up with him.

So now am I not only being recognized on my ads, but on the street as well. This can only get me into trouble, right? ......well..........MORE trouble.

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LSB said...

I like that post a lot. You've come a long way, son.