Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The New Past

There is really no past here - just an encounter I had that briefly took me back a few years.

The guy below reminded me of the first guy I dated, who was originally from Puerto Rico. A masculine looking man with an incredible dick but who could fem out quicker than you'd want from a man....or what you thought to be a man.

For the record, the man in the pics is me. The dick in the pic, is him.


The picture doesn't do it justice, as it grew quite a bit more. A bit over 8" and the skin even when fully erect came way over the head. It was quite nice.

His response to my was: I'm a 33yo, 6'1 190, shaved head, clean cut, handsome type sexy latin man-masc/musc/beefy type- nicely built - I like to roll around, make out, body contact, oral, love to rim before topping and have a very nict thick/fat8inches/uc.

Clearly you can see there was some oral manipulation on my part. And if I say so myself, I did quite well. And he did like to eat ass, but I don't think as much as he liked having his eaten. I did it for at least 30 minutes and it felt and tasted great. Eventually we got into a 69 ass eating position, I guess.

I was back with my head on the pillows, him sitting on my face, when he pulled up my legs and went down to my hole. Granted it felt great but I was really into munching on his butt.

But like his email said, it was all a prequel to the main event. Still on the bed, I was on my knees with my shoulders sloped down to the mattress. Fernando (yes, that's what he told me his name was) positioned himself behind me and pushed his fat dick in me.

Maybe it was from his oral treatment beforehand or maybe it is because I'm somewhat of a slut, but this thick dick slid in just fine. I felt full, but not in any discomfort. I even encouraged him to keep going and he heeded the advice.

He wasn't the most aggressive fuck I've ever had. He wasn't really in the top 50, but still good enough. Near the end he had a hard time staying, well....hard. Naturally, I take it as a personal affront, and assume I am not good enough or attractive enough to keep the guy's attention - but deep down, I know that's not the case - or at least not always.

We were able to finish. Or rather he was. You know me - it's not about me getting off. It's about me getting them to get off.

Fernando, pushed deep into me and let all his juices flow. His body weight on top of me his heavy breathing right near my ear. It would have been hot for him to be saying nasty thing is spanish that I couldn't possibly understand, but it was just heavy breathing. But it was that sexual release breathing that I still find so hot.

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