Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hot Fuck

On my last trip to DC, I hooked-up with a guy I had met up with about a year earlier.

It's not for lack of trying that we did not get back together. It was either his schedule or mine that prevented such a feat. The first time was so hot, it was one of those things you just want to continue. But you'd know it would have to be something less than a fuckbuddy. Anything more would ruin the fun, the intensity, the filth.

It was to be only a hook-up and very little else. We were so focused, it could have been in the middle of a hurricane and neither of us would have even mentioned the weather.

"Ed" is 43, 5'8", I'm guessing around 170. Very muscular....and hairy. Here is one of the few guys I've come across who works out religiously but doesn't shave or wax his body. And incredible body it is and what I consider a handsome face. Why he hooks up with me is anyone's guess. Desperation?

He also had a 7.5" thick thick dick. Not too shabby on anybody. Or in anybody - namely me!

Ed showed up around 11pm There was no kissing, not much foreplay at all, unless you consider him pushing me to my knees for me to take him into my mouth.

I slurped him down and got him hard and wet. It was a good thing too, because though I didn't know it, it was all the lube I was getting. He pulled me up onto the bed, me on my back, him between my legs. I took a nice long hit of poppers and he just pushed his way into me.

Being as thick as he was, I guess it could have hurt most guys. But between wanting him so badly, his skill and let's face it - the poppers, I took it ok. I just fucking loved looking at his face as he sank down into me. Hell, I just liked looking at him. Period.

I do hate when my emotions (or whatever you call it) get in the way of sex. I don't live in DC, I don't know this guy - why would I think he'd ever want anything more than a fuck? Not that I was asking, not that he was even remotely hinting, but my brain was working overtime for a guy like this. Bad Bad BikeGuy!

After Ed was in, he went to work. I was right there with him. He picked up the pace to a healthy rhythm and kept it there for quite a while. It progressively got harder - his thrusts into me, my shoulders and head into the wall headboard (you know these hotels rarely have traditional headboards anymore - usually a wood and fabric thing attached to the wall above the bed).

The poor people next door had to know what was going on - kind of. They were probably tourists from Indiana or something and Martha couldn't figure out why she couldn't hear any female voices - just male ones.

The fuck didn't last nearly long enough (for me), maybe 15 minutes. Ed just buried himself as deep as he could fit and let loose four days worth of jizz. I took it gladly. I really wanted him - and I was guessing this was as close as I would ever get.

What I really loved is that he stayed hard, and while he didn't continue to fuck me, he didn't pull out either. He stayed in me and he would purposely flex his dick in me and/or I would grab his shaft with my muscles. We both like it.

I would like to think he didn't want to leave, as he stayed in me for almost another 10 minutes. I know I didn't want him to go - but all things must end. Eventually he (or gravity) just made that thick meat slide out of me and thud onto my thigh. I really felt empty.

With little small talk while he got dressed, don't ask me how, but we realized we had a common friend. Neither of us had slept with this person and we agreed to keep it between ourselves. Small worlds.

The next day, I did see him on-line again and we chatted a bit. He thought maybe he could come by again, bend me over and just fuck me. I made a crack about the best of both worlds - he got to fuck me and not see me. I was letting him off the hook basically or putting myself down before he got the chance.

I was more than pleasantly surprised when he said, "I really like looking at your face - especially when I put myself in you".

I'd be lying if I didn't say I loved hearing that. Mind you - we never did find time to get together, but you never know.


A Lewis said...

Lucky Ed.

Anonymous said...

don't you feel for these families who are next door?
Poor them.