Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Record High

I know it's a blip compared to some blogs that get 100,000 hits per month (or more), but I'm still really impressed and happy that you guys keep cumming back.

August showed a record month for hits to this blog: 20,893. ...or about 1800 better than the 2nd highest month.

Not too shabby. Thanks folks. I promise to continue writing up my adventures - bad or good (hopefully the latter). But I figure the per month visits will have to flatten off here soon. I don't imagine that my readership will keep growing - not that I've actively tried to increase it.

I'm happy anyone comes to read, let alone comes BACK to read.

I should have a new post up in a day or so.

1 comment:

rawTOP - Bareback Top in NYC said...

You should put Google Analytics on your blog - tells you a lot more information.

And if you want to swap Google Analytics reports, just let me know...