Sunday, September 28, 2008

Super Suck Off

Bet you thought I forgot about you guys! NEVER!

Work and social engagements have taken the priority - but I always try not to forget to post.

Last week, I was traveling again. Lo and behold, on MH one early morning was the hot motherfucker who had boned my hole a few weeks earlier - or on my last trip as it turned out. A few messages back and forth and he wanted to get off again.

You know I wasn't saying 'no' to that.

Before he came over, he told me he had to go to work down near Capitol Hill and could he shower at my place? What did I care? The more he was there, the more he was naked near me, the more I was ok with it.

When "Ed" got there he immediately warned me that I might have to be doing most of the work, as he had thrown out his back. I teased him and asked him if it was during his last visit when he pounded me good. He chuckled and said no, that it was from line-dancing. But I like that he got my tease.

He dropped trou - and briefs and laid back on the bed. I immediately went into the V of his legs and started orally pleasuring him. Ed started out mostly soft but grew within my mouth. As I said, he's a good sized thickness to his 7.5" length. I love the feeling of a man growing in my mouth - and that I'm the one helping him do it. Maybe it's a testament to my skills, but more accurately, it is usually just a horny guy looking to park his dick somewhere wet and warm. Maybe it was a little of both.

Ed was really enjoying the oral manipulation and I was purposefully edging him, but nothing too bad. The thought - MY thought - was that I would still let him lie back and sit myself down on his stiff pole. I think that was his intent too.

But things don't always go as planned - not that any of this was. Once Ed pushed me off so he wouldn't cum, but then he thought maybe this time I should continue to give him head so as to get him off. Since I really love pleasing this guy, I wanted to do it. I would have loved to take it up the ass too, but...........

So about 10 more minutes of a good sucking and he just pushed my head down onto his dick and unloaded. It was a huge load - and he said it was about three days worth. It did not have a lot of flavor to it, but a nice consistency. And again, there was a lot OF it, so, I was good with it.

Hell, I was good with it because it was Ed's.

He went down after ejaculating his load into my mouth (and eventually my belly), but he was in no hurry to move. I was in no hurry for him to go anywhere. I didn't want him to. Don't I usually want to zip up and slam their door on the way out? No 'thanks' even necessary. I'm finding this not the case with Ed.

I nursed his dick for quite awhile afterward, to the point I got him fully erect again. We both thought I'd work him off again, until he noticed the time and his work schedule. I would have gladly sucked him all day long - even without the reward of jizz.

Here is hoping that he enjoys my talents enough - on both ends - to return next time I'm in town.


Anonymous said...

YESSS! Nice to see you with a repeat of such high calibre. You GO! One does want a HINT of romance, n'est ce pas? ;)

Dieselpump said...

You are evolving into quite the romantic, articulate pig I knew you could be.

Keep it up bro.


BikeGuy said...

Is it romantic? Do i have perspective?

If it is romance, I would guess it is one-sided.