Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sex Addicts: The Profile

Thanks David Duchovney!!! Way to make Sex Addiction visible to the general unsuspecting public. I liked flying under the radar. .....well, except for blogging my sexploits to about 700 folks per day.

CNN says: Sex addiction, also called compulsive sexual behavior, is like a gambling compulsion or alcoholism: It's about devoting your free time to a behavior that you cannot stop, even if you damage relationships or prompt other negative consequences. That could mean extensively using pornography, having affairs, sleeping with prostitutes, and masturbating excessively, to the point where such behaviors get out of control.

For the record, I've never engaged a prostitute, but that's about the only difference in me and the above descriptor.

The reasons they cite for sex addiction are a stretch in my mind. sexual abuse or emotional trauma, assaulted or raped, feelings of neglect as a child -- whether from divorced parents or parents who both worked and didn't spend a lot of time with their kids.

Oh boo-hoo....daddy didn't love me enough as a child! But what is the threshold for "a lot of time"? When is enough enough? I certainly wasn't assaulted, raped or neglected as a child. No emotional abuse - unless you include having all female siblings!

The report also goes on to say if you think it's just about primal desire, think again. For many addicts, sex becomes a way to numb out painful feelings, kill time or stop feeling lonely and most people the researcher talked to get to the point where they don't even like sex. PFFFFFFFT.

No painful feelings here - unless the guy is too big (HA!). I don't doubt some of it is to kill time though. But primal desire not being a factor? Bullshit. At least for me, it almost all it is about.

I just hate articles/reports like this. They are way too broad of brushstrokes to categorize someone like me.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of a single male going in for sex addiction treatment? It is only for married guys who have been caught doing something.