Friday, December 12, 2008

# 2 for the Day

So, after Mr. 9" left, I did have another visitor before I had to make my way up to Rock Center for lunch. What other folks call a proper lunch.

Having semen for every meal is just fine with me. I've been living off it for about 3 decades now - so why not make a meal out of it.

5 9 165 hairy chest 48 years 8.5 inch cut cock needs to be sucked

I'm not sure of his ethnicity, but he was darker complected. He could have been italian or even hispanic. He wasn't a looker, but he had the goods in the dick department. They weren't internet inches, so as long as I kept my eye on that prize, I was good.

He was another guy who was good and instinctively grabbed the back of my head. I love that, but I'm a cocksucker and should be treated as such.


The guy wasn't very verbal. Not like the last guy. I did love how 'cocksucker' just passed his lips like it was meant to be. But I also had no trouble taking this guy to the root. Why should I? It's not like it was my first time. Hell, it wasn't even my first time that day.


I don't think I worked on this guy more than 15-20 minutes before the grip to my head tightened.

Clearly, you guys know I wasn't going anywhere, but either this guy didn't know that, or he just liked exerting his masculinity. I was fine either way. I like a feeder to take charge (or at least think that he is).

The load was decent, but nothing overwhelming - in volume or taste. I like when it has a taste and lot of quantity - but really, I'm here just to take the load, no matter how big or small, good tasting or bitter.

This is my job. Well, avocation more than job. And sucking more than blowing.

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yodude said...

Damn. Definitely would love to have you on my cock. I'd probably last...4 minutes. lol.