Monday, December 01, 2008

Coming to NYC

It was suggested to me, by a reader, that I might post a few days in advance of what cities/towns I will be traveling to, in order to find a different base of folks who might want to hook-up.

DUH. That never occurred to me.

It certainly would be an alternate route of breeding sources other than Craigslist or Manhunt.

I'm throwing it out there guys.

I will be in NYC Wednesday and Thursday of this week (12/3 & 12/4). Availability on the latter date is later - like after 9:30p, as I am working all day. But I have some times starting around 1p on Wed. I'd host.

I will be in DC late late late Friday night (12/5) and all of Saturday (12/6) and very early Sunday morning (12/5). For those who miss me then, I'll be back the 10th-12th.

...and then one day in Miami (12/14).

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