Sunday, December 21, 2008

Second Go-Round x 2

I finally left NYC and made my way back to my home away from home: WDC.

I stay at one of two hotels most every time I'm in DC, I know the staffs there, they know me – though they don’t know what I do up in the rooms they book me for. Well, they might – but they certainly don’t say anything about it.

This trip to DC started with a repeat. You might remember about the cowpoke kind of guy who fed me his cock a few weeks back. He answered another one of my ads.

close by, looking to get sucked off before hitting the gym. 5'9" 165 fit, 31, 7cut thick, big shooter, ddf.


Fuck - ain't it a beautiful cock? Nice plump head with and equally thick shaft. The two nice balls are pretty good too. And trust me, it tasted as good as it looks.

He was as hot as I remembered him last time. And like last time he was over in a matter of minutes. He just live in the apartments directly behind the hotel. Works for me!

As soon as he was in the door, the shoes were kicked off and the pants were around his ankles. I was on my knees in an equal amount of time. Naturally, in no time my lips were passing over and wrapped around that nice plump head and equally thick shaft.

My actions provided the response I love to hear and feel from a guy: a long, deep moan and hands being placed on my head. But I worked him hard, I worked him lightly. Unless it is in a complete skull-fucking session, I do like to mix it up quite a bit.

First, to change it up does usually make the sessions last longer. I'm all for the quick, get them off kind of scenarios, but if it is a guy I like blowing and I have no other scheduling issues, I like to take my time.

The fast, lets-get-you-sucked-off moments are balanced by opening my mouth a little wider, having less suction and more of the velvet mouth routine. Don't forget the tongue dance on the underside of the shaft, while still having the dick completely covered in mouth! That usually gets the cock to jump and twitch like no one's business.

I am a master at gauging men's reactions to what my mouth is doing. After all, I have been doing THIS for awhile. I'm nothing if not a student of how a guy reacts to fellatio. Then of course, I use it to my advantage, even if they think it is to theirs.


Longer than most blowjobs, but not as long as I wanted it to last, "Scott" gripped my head tight and volleyed a number of jets of cum into my mouth. I stayed still making sure to take and savour each and every one of them. I also tried not to touch his head, as so many guys are sensitive after they cum - but on the other hand, I didn't want to miss the stray drops or ribbons of sperm that tend to bubble up after most guys think the 'job' is done.

In my estimation, a feeder should never have to clean up after the eater has completed his job. Truly completed.

So as I kept 'cleaning Scott up', he just stood there, letting me. And never going even remotely soft. So kept it up, I did - my actions and his penis.

He did step away and flop on the bed - and then I knew I would be working for a second load, even though it went unsaid.

With the second go-round, Scott started using his words. "Faggot" and "Cocksucker" passed from his lips - along with some other verbs, adverbs and adjectives. I certainly don't even mind his improper nouns. Not at all.

I always assume the second load will take longer than the first and almost every single time I am proven wrong. I don't think that is due to my talents as much as their focus on rubbing another one out and getting on with their day.

Either way, I'm ok with it. Scott groaned and had his head way back in my hotel pillows and pumped another nut into my willing and waiting mouth.

I think the only words that were exchanged as he redressed was 'thanks' (me) and 'gotta go walk the dog' (him).

Neither of us were looking for sustained conversation or friendship. We both got what we wanted. Twice.


cb said...

fucking HOT man! Yum!

buffdaddy75219 said...

I'm in CLE for Xmas. Would love to have u suck a load outta me

BikeGuy said...

well buff - you have to at least give me a way to get ahold of you. Teasing me just ain't fair.

My email address is in my profile.