Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pumped x 2

The absolute highlight of my NYC trip was a rendezvous with some guy who shares my first name. We connected on Manhunt and I've never had tons of luck with that site - yet I cannot seem to quit it. Addictions of all types go deep, ya know. Why should MH be any different?

Dad/Top: 45, 6'3", 34W, hairy, 7" cut thick

He was playing hookie from work that day, but I couldn't meet with him immediately. He knew I was having lunch and would be back at 2p. I told him I might be running a few minutes late, but he had my phone and email if he needed to get a hold of me.

Mind you - I never expected him to be waiting outside my hotel room. Fuck this was a MH guy. Usually they are flakes. But there he was, hotter than he looked in his pictures and as sexy as he sounded during a call we had.

"R" stepped into my room as I unlocked the door. Though only claiming an inch taller than myself, he seemed larger. He stepped forward and gripped my head and pulled me in for an intense kiss. As intimate as it could have been, it turned out to be more sexual. Primal sexual, not really foreplay. Sure I put his cock in my mouth - because I love to suck. And what man doesn't like a blow job?


R was a partnered man who played on the side. GREAT! But he told his partner about all his antics and all the details if he wanted to hear them. Snore. You know me, show me a guy who will lie, cheat and steal to bone a stranger, and I'm all over that.

It wasn't long before we stripped down and got down to business - which means a man's prick up my hairy ass.


R fucked like a champ. We did it with me on all fours, with me on my back, with me sitting on his 7". And while he was hot and we seemed to connect on many levels, it was all animal. He wanted to dump a load up my hole, and I wanted him to.

And while we connected, it was a rough fuck. I'm not complaining. I've always asserted, if I am going to take it up the butt - I want to know it. I want it to be done by a MAN. R was and is.

After about 20-25 minutes, I was on my back for a second time during the session when R buried his dick and load. A big load I could feel and that anyone within ear shot could have heard. I'm ok with hotel indiscretion. Really. I am!

We chatted a bit afterwards. We made out a bit afterwards. He had me go back down on him afterwards and clean him up. Since I was pretty clean, he was too and I had no issue doing this while he took pics.


Either my oral skills were good enough, or he was horny enough (or both) to go for round 2 on my ass. Or IN my ass, as the case may be.

For the most part, R took me from behind. He went in deep and rough - and repeatedly. The pressure against my prostate was incredible. It was a bit tender, highly erotic, the pleasure so intense it bordered on pain. Sounds weird, but true. He was hitting all the right spots at all the right time.

Once again, he went in deep and unloaded as far as he could to get his swimmers as far in as they would go. He loved adding his load to his other load. We both did.

R insisted on snapping a pic of this achievement. You know I was ok with that.


R wanted me to push some of his jizz out, but either he buried it too deep, or I deep down I was reluctant to let it go. Maybe a little of both. Why take it if you're not going to keep it?

With R gone, the rest of the trip just became a quest for more dick. But that was it for NYC. Between work and stuff, my free time and my sex time became much more limited.

Still - it was all worth it. Every second of it. Every drop of it.


cb said...

fuckin HOT, stud!

Anonymous said...

Nice you cum-slut! Cannot wait to see your Miami escapades. Hope you got a nice cuban load-we got the best loads afterall. Bring it on and get back to the heartland. We need your hole up here :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks sharing bud. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before but you are a great writer, what do you do professionally?

BikeGuy said...

Miami was a bust. Harder town to get laid in than I thought. But I also had an upper respiratory infection, so, I wasn't completely up to it anyway.

I'm not a writer by trade.

Anonymous said...