Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dark Room

As usual - it started with a craigslist ad. His not mine.

In town, one night only, it said. Hotel room, he claimed. Just looking for mutual fun, he promised.

39, mwm, 5'9", 170, blonde hair. 7"c. Thick shaft, big head.

What is not to love about any of that? A quick email to him, one back, one phone call and we were set. I knew his hotel, but was to call upon getting close, because he wanted to leave his door open and have it anonymous as possible. That call would get me his room number. 2419 to be exact. Up I went.

To his word, his door was a bit open. And he did like the anonymous thing too. The room was black as pitch. I could not see a thing. It was to remain this way for the duration, and only to a point where I could make out him and his shape, but certainly no identifying markers. At first I was afraid of an obese guy, but my hands told me differently.

He was on the bed and I stepped to the side. Soon his hands were massaging my penis through my suit and briefs. I could not see him or his hands. After he got me sufficiently erect, I unzipped and pulled out my dick. Without hesitation, I felt his lips part around my head and sink about 2" onto the shaft. I moaned. I then leaned over the bed and pushed deeper into his mouth.

I know I'm sorta big, so I wasn't a complete ass about it. I got another 2-3" in and asked if that was ok. He gave me the muffled 'ok' and I went back to the pushing and withdrawing motions. It was working for him and it was working for me.

Eventually, I pulled out. I took off my suit coat and pant, along with my shoes, tie and briefs. Then I went and propped myself up on the bed and pillows. "Greg" crawled between my legs and went back down on me. But that only lasted a few minutes before he asked the question I was hoping: "are you gonna suck me too?"

After responding affirmatively, he was scrambling to get his cock up to my mouth. Still being propped up on those pillows it was an easy move for his cock to be at my mouth level while he stayed on his knees. True to his ad, his was thick and had a great head on it - and he may have sold himself short by about 0.5" But what worked best about him was his hands and the grip on my head.

After that cock was in, he wasn't letting it out on a dare. The guy had a great rhythm with his hips and an almost singular mind to get off. He shifted from a guy who just had a cock in his mouth to what would seem to be a 100% feeder. Granted, I knew that wasn't totally the case, but if someone had just walked in, they would have thought it was total feeder/total eater in the room.

The words coming from his mouth were all man. His confidence was high because his abilities were high - and he knew it. To fill the void of silence, he just told me how my mouth felt and what a good cocksucker I was. He told me about a married buddy at home would suck him and how I was performing at the same level that he did. "He swallows my load - just like you're going to do". There was no question as to if I would do this.

Later with more skullfucking he toned it down, but just a bit. "You're gonna take every fucking drop - aren't you?" Technically it was a question, but it really wasn't. I pulled off long enough to ask him a leading question that I was 99% sure how he'd answer. "Do I have a choice?"

His reply was predictable, but his deliver was like ice cold steel: "NO!"

He wrapped his entire arm around my head like a wrestler would do on the mat. I was immovable - not that I was planning on going anywhere. Not that I wanted to. But he made sure of it.

Glen pumped harder into my my mouth. I was expecting verbal fireworks, but I got one long guttural moan before the sperm hit my tongue and roof of my mouth. He never stopped his pumping action while he ejaculated, so some of that sperm escaped my mouth and into my goatee. It was thick and frothy - mostly due to the constant motion, I assume. It was stringy too.

Maybe it always is. Just nine times out of ten, I never see it or feel it, as it is normally sliding down my throat into my belly. ....that is if I'm taking it orally.

I thought we'd be done, as I could tell he wouldn't take my load. Normally I'd leave, but he really made my month. He wanted to see me cum. I'm not sure how this would happen unless he had night-vision goggles. My eyes never really adapted to the darkness, but his might have.

Glen pulled up my shirt and put a towel over my belly. Ok. I guess I get it. I jacked. He'd occasionally suck. I told him unless he wanted my load he better stop doing that. I was one good push of his head onto my dick from unloading if I wanted. He didn't want. Clearly.

So I jacked. He used his fingers at my nuts and below and could feel me constrict before each jet of cum hit the towel. He claims to be able to see it, but I don't know this to really be true. Nor did I care.

I used the sink, in the dark. I dressed, in the dark. And I left.

Glen says he comes to town once a month. We'll see if he emails again. I'd be ok with another go-round.

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CockSearch2009 said...

WOW, you must have wanted to flip on the lights SO BAD.

He sounds totally hot - the unfulfilled anticipation of seeing him would drive me totally nuts.

I'm praying he calls you again, 'cause I want to hear all about it.