Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Used Garments

This isn't really a sex post.

I continue to get blowjobs and lots of offers to suck me - and depending on timing and the guy, I succumb to the siren's call. As you know, I'd much rather be on my knees, bent over, or on my back - legs up.

Lately, I've been getting back into the work-out routine - and that means, among other things, hitting the gym. Oddly enough, I've never been lucky at picking up, or getting picked up, at the gym. I don't know if it is not my style or what.

For someone who thrives on public gestures and exhibitionism, the gym to me can be a holier place than that. I like the gym and have no desire to be banished from my favorite one. It should also be said that it is very carefully set up as to not have "incidents" happen. Good for them, I guess.

But I find a new kind of thrill with the gym. What guys wear. And in the last few years, there has been an ever growing trend away from wearing jocks. I hate this trend.

Under Armor seems to be the big thing currently. I don't own any. A grey Hanes t-shirt for me is just fine. Ditto with Russell or Champion shorts. What I wear under those shorts gets shown pre and post workout.

But when it comes to sweat and grime, I kind of covet some of these guys' used gear. What can I say?

There is an odd culture in the gym (or mine), where guys will go shower and leave their gym bags open and out of their locker. Usually with their clothes sitting on top - I guess to air out. While I'm not above swiping some choice items, I have not yet been this blatant.


It seems that guys who leave these bags open and then take off invariably drop an item or two out onto the floor in their rush to get where they are going. While I don't give a shit about the stray footie sock, a used pair of underwear or a soaked t-shirt holds strange fascination to me.

Of course, it's better if I know it came from a hot(tish) guy. Or a complete unknown one. If I know it's from one of the many octogenarians who work out there, I wouldn't bother.

But sometimes I don't - and that shirt or undergarment will end up in my gym bag - infiltrating my clothes with their smell and vice versa. I guess you can call that a metaphor if you wish.

Normally, I work out in the morning and my bag goes with me into the office. On these rare days of finding "new" clothing, I will shut my door, take them out and smell them. I'm not really a sniff freak, but I like to get a sense of what a guys smells like when working up a good sweat. if here were fucking me.

Am I alone in this? Probably not - but it most likely makes the sub-set which I already subscribe to that much smaller.


Drub said...

Thanks for the hot trip over the fetishization of hot sweaty garments - something I love a great deal. I agree with you on the lack of jocks - everyone should have a mandatory collection.

CockSearch2009 said...

At my gym, they just leave 'em on the floor. Many's the time I've wanted to swipe a jock or some shorts for a good deep smell-job.

I've never done it. Because that would be wrong. Uh huh.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I do this all the time in NYC. I thought I was the only one.

cb said...

I used to smell the used jock of this absolutely hot man at my old gym.