Sunday, May 03, 2009

Married. Jewish. Dad. Feeder.

So last week, my first time meeting with Jeff finally happened. You might remember me talking about him from two group cocksucking events.

Jeff is a married guy - and father. He's got a decent body and dick on him too. I would put him at late 40s, but you can tell under his white collar demeanor, he's a fucking pig. Not that I'm judging. Hello: Pot-Kettle here.

We made arrangements and I actually have him come over. Mind you - this entire cocksucking group I've been a part of is predicated on the feeders being married, so he think I am too. At least I think he does - but he also seems like a smart cookie.

Yes, I know I invited someone else over. This is becoming an uncomfortable pattern for me. It is not my style and I think it is just because I'm not traveling that I'm looking for any means to get someone off. 2009 has been a year of change for me - bringing home guys is just the least of it. That I'm topping more and feeding more is a bit unnerving too.

But Jeff and I made an instant connection - or so I thought - during those group suck sessions. Later in our one-on-one, he asked if I felt it too, is it wasn't just me! During 'those' sessions, the connection thing was unsaid, but you know what I'm talking about.

He wasn't just a married guy. It was the underbelly of the entire thing that resonated with both of us. Married. Cheating. Getting Off. It's the perfect scenario for me.

So, Jeff comes over and he wants a private space. Even in a room in the house with no view to anything, the curtains had to be drawn. He wanted no chance of anyone seeing. The joke was: there was no chance - and anyone could have seen that! And of course the irony is - he loves to be watched. But just in a very controlled setting.

And Jeff is a smart man. Before completely disrobing, he asked if I was Jewish. I told him I was and asked if I looked that Jewish. I only think I kind of look like a Jew, but maybe we can pick each other out better. Or maybe I look more Semitic than I think I do. I certainly assumed he was of my tribe.

But he said he saw a piece of mail on my desk and it looked like a Jewish name. LOL. I suppose it might.

We got right down to it. Him sitting down and leaning back. Me dropping to my knees.

Jeff has about 6.5" of dick. It's nice and it stays steel hard. You could fucking hammer nails into drywall with it. You just gotta love that. And he has a mouth like a sailor - which is a huge plus for me. Telling me to suck it - how to suck it- telling me to go deeper or back off.

I thought I was good at edging a guy, but he's great at having me edge him. He'd push me off and have me lick his nuts to keep himself from shooting. This went on for close to an hour.

Something I never quite expected was his verbal turn (for now) on how he wants to get me into the kitchen and bend me over and fuck the hell out of me. Half of me certainly hopes it to be true, but half of me believes it to be heat-of-the-moment sex talk. He seems like a dirtier than he appears guy, so maybe he'll be man of his word.

He "threatened" to not give me his load and he wanted to see it shoot on me. I don't know if was a test or not and I think I passed, because I pulled off him and demanded he shoot in my mouth. Maybe he was just looking for that validation that I'd take it.

Jeff leaned back and blew a sizable load into my mouth. It was good, and while he prides himself to be a vocal ejaculator, he's still not that loud. But he is a sensitive cummer. He wanted so badly to pull out of my mouth, but before allowing that I made sure he had stopped shooting.

He pushed me away but there was nothing else that came out of him and he was good to go. Which is pretty much what he did.

We chatted for a few minutes while he got himself together. He's a very decent guy - but now that I have had him, I can just as easily see it never happening again. But if it does, that's fine too.

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From #samesexsunday guy on Twitter: Don't worry, I know about your blog, in fact, that's the reason why I mentioned you. It's hot! I tried to Direct Message you, but couldn't.