Monday, May 04, 2009

No Sex. Just Post.

April is over. 30 days only - and yet it was my second highest month in traffic. Ever. Thanks to you guys. All you perv readers. Of course, I'm the perv writer and sex participant who brings it all to you.

And May is turning out ok too. Sunday had one of my highest hits per day - almost 1100 in one day!

Part of that I am not attributing to Twitter. I can tweet when there is a new blog post and it goes to 200+ followers (am I a cult leader?). And then they can go and read my post - yes it drives traffic. I'm a whore in so many ways. *you can follow me on Twitter too!

But then WolverineDoc13 included me #samesexsunday (which is allegedly like #followfriday). To be honest, I have no idea what either are, but it goes out to any number of people as suggestions for other Twitterers to go look up. So that might have been a big boost for my readership. Thanks Wolverine. (I'll assume that's a UofM reference - and maybe he wouldn't have given me the props had he known I went to OSU.)

Anyway - warmer weather is here. I'm sure I'll be having more adventures. (off on another acting'll be back!)

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