Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot Day; Hot BJ

It was in the mid 90s in DC and I advertised on CL for guys to stop by my air conditioned hotel room to cool off, while heating up.

I got a number of responses with the proportionate number of flakes. One guy whom I had sucked off a few times bailed at the last minute, but with him I will actually give a pass. The rest are dead to me.

One guy did seem very interested.

white guy,42,5'6", 145,buzzed/shaved hair, blue eyes, nice cut cock,hiv-,ddf, looking for a good BJ !

He was short for my standards, but I had been taking it up the rear for a bit and needed a bit of a break - and I do like the taste of cum, so.....

"Mark" was exactly how he was portrayed in his description. I'm not sure I've really been with someone this short. Even getting on my knees didn't quite put me at the correct height. It would have been rude to ask him to stand on a box - not that I had one, but you get the idea.

It was not a particularly incredible adventure. It was basically blow and go. He said he had a 5 day load and judging by what he deposited in my mouth, I would tend to believe him.

The load was plentiful and at least it wasn't bitter. And if nothing else the guy was nice enough about letting me take a few pics - this being one of the better ones.


Sean said...

I had a friend who was about 5'5" and a top. His pick-up line was "Do you have a little german in you? Would you like one?"

Anonymous said...

''As I power-walk my way to this second blo-job of the morning''

Your lifestyle is disgusting. You give all gay people a bad name. You're the sex crazed stereotype society has against gays. Your blood with be neon green before you know it.