Monday, July 19, 2010

Tantric Fuck

It was my first night in DC and I was striking out most places, though to be fair, I did not place a CL ad. I was replying to them with no luck. MH wasn't much better - until I saw him.

44, 6'0", 180, buzzed black hair, white (but looked mixed race to me), 7" dick - but thick.

Sucking, 1 on 1, Jerking Off, Bondage, Toys, Nipple Play, Friends, Dating, Safer Only, No PNP, Feet / Socks, Dad / Son, Jockstraps, Married Men, Massage, No Strings, Straight/Bi - he said. His MH ad said.

"Safer Only". What does that even mean?

But he was also into Tantric massage. It seemed to be something new to me.

I’m sure the guy told me his name, but for the life of me I forgot it immediately. We’ll call him “Nick” – he looked like one.

He came in and we made contact. Touch. But that’s what he’s about – Tantric massage. He’s all about touch. In our MH exchange, he said it was late and he did not want to fuck. Just massage. Just touch.

This was new to me – and I wasn’t the one doing the massaging, so what the fuck, I tried it out. I’m always looking for new experiences.

Nick brought his own poppers and bottle of lube. I wasn’t 100% sure what it would be for since we weren’t fucking. Massage oil, I could see, but not lube. Catch as catch can, I suppose.

We stripped, he got me on the bed and started rubbing my chest and arms – no oil/lube. He massaged, briefly, my legs before working his way up to my nuts.

Here Nick put lube on his hands and gently applied it to my nuts, making them a little glistening and sensitive to his light touch. This made me quiver. I shivered even more as he touched the underside of my shaft. It made me tremble.

His touch was that of what I assume a professional would do. I marvel at guys who can elicit a response just by the touch of a hand. Most guys have to do it with a mouth or an ass, though that mouth can be on a penis, an ass, a nipple, nape of the neck or in an ear. But touch can be more of an art form. Not all can do it. I try, but not sure I succeed. Nick was.

With his lubed up fingers at this point, he trailed down past my taint to my tunnel of love. His slick fingers traced and helped dilate my ass – and then a finger slid in………..then another one. Then his thumb.

Normally I’m not one to have fingers up my ass. For whatever reason, a cock will feel much better. Fingers are generally too boney or maybe, just maybe, it goes back to the art of touch and how others are a bit more impulsive in how they use their digits. I’ve never been fisted, but I’m thinking if I were so inclined, Nick could be the guy. I could see why some guys think being fisted is so erotic. But fist fucking wasn’t on the menu – at least mine.

But Nick used his fingers and thumb to ease in and out of my ass – like an expert, and my ass responded in kind. He loved the way it would squeeze his fingers and how warm the hole was. But his motions really had me laying back with my eyes halfway closed and reveling in how good it could feel – something up there that wasn’t a dick. …and trust me, I’m not complaining about dick up there.

And Nick must have really liked it too – and no longer was it satisfactory to use his fingers. He moved up the bed and lifted my leg while he was behind me after repositioning me on my side. …and then in this went…..

Even with taking two dicks in Philadelphia the night before and having his fingers ply me open for 15 minutes, it filled me up and stretched me open at the same time. It was a nice cock.

And then he fucked. He fucked me long. He fucked me hard. He fucked me in a few positions – both of us liberally using the poppers.

I would be lying if it didn’t cross my mind that he said ‘no fucking’ and ‘safer only’. His two biggest rules broken – by his hand, not even by my manipulation. You just can’t believe any guy – we’re all cads. Maybe this was his big plan; to withhold only to increase desire.

I certainly wasn’t appalled or upset by the turn of events. I took a big hit of poppers and begged for him to fuck my ass. He was happy to comply.

As good of a job as he was doing with his nice sized member, the technique was not as good as his fingers. Before he was working via eroticism, now it was lust, which are two very different points of view. Trust me, I can work with lust.

You know, and I knew, that after he was up there – skin to skin – and with the intensity he was using my ass for his pleasure, there was no way even the last minute hail mary, safe play, was coming into effect. Pulling out was not an option at this point. I wasn’t asking for it and with the burning in his eyes, I knew he had a goal and nothing was going to stop him.

Nick exploded into my ass and I could feel the pulses as he did it. I don’t care what anyone else says, you can rarely feel them as they happen. Maybe it’s the angle or the size of the dick, but more often than not I just know they’re coming from their voice, their quiver or them just telling me. This time, I knew it by feeling it. Nice!

When he calmed down, he eventually slipped out of me. But he knelt between my legs and grabbed my semi with his greased up hand and started to work my dick. His other hand went to my ass and started to work his fingers back up there – continuing to stimulate me and push his seed in even further.

Now, I rarely jack myself off and I cannot tell you the last time gave me a handjob. But I was beginning to realize I was getting my ‘happy ending’. It was feeling good too. Even when I do masturbate it is dry and I use no lube, so this was a nice sensation. He worked me for a good five minutes before I shot – and when I did, I hit my adam’s apple and a nice line from my navel back up my chest. Gobs of semen was milked out of me.

Nick was satisfied. I was spent. I toweled off, he did the same. He left. I went to sleep.


The Breeder said...

Best. Entry. Ever.

Marc said...

Wow...fabu post.

Eric said...

Yup. Your best post ever, Bike. And my first time commenting on one. This was totally erotic.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Bike, your very best posting ever. Bar none. And my first time commenting. Had to! Just excellent erotic writing.

William Myers said...

Fabulous...your best posting ever! Thanks! ;)