Thursday, July 15, 2010

Philadelphia Phucks

I had one night in Philadelphia - I had to make it count.

I had a do-nothing ad going on Craigslist, had MH booted up and had reached out to the few guys who got some the last times I was in the city of 'brotherly love': cowboy and hot italian thick man.

Cowboy was out of town and Thick never returned my emails. It might have been a lonely night in a hotel room had MH and the ad not finally come through.

MH guy came through first. 40ish, 6'4" (he seemed taller), 200 or so. Shaved head, soul patch and about 7.5". Not bad. He was also aggressive as hell. Only so-so on the verbal, but you get the picture.

The CL guy was about 32, 5'7", 150, blonde and ok looking. 6.5". Truth be told, except for his pic he sent I never saw him, but hold on for that.

As luck would have it, both guys wanted to come over at the same time. I gave both the head's up - neither seemed to mind that another would be there, nor did they ask much, if anything, about the other. How often does THAT happen?

Manhunt guy got their first and we got busy. He was aggressive as I said. There was some oral, but when it came down to it, it was about fucking. It was about fucking raw.

While I had poppers and lube and we used them, the guy used his dick like a ramrod from the word 'go'. Actually, at the word 'set'. His first plunge into me was so incredibly painful, I can't tell you.

My reaction and clawing to get away slowed him down for a minute, but no longer. I learned to breathe and let him continue. I was bent over, I was on my back, we did it doggie style. He had me every which way for 20-30 minutes. Finally with me on my belly and him on top of me, just pumping the hell out of me - telling me what a dirty motherfucker I was - he unloaded a 3 day build up of his balls into my ass.

He was vocal about it too - which I don't mind. But the guy knocking at the door heard it too.

CL guy showed up about 20 minutes later than he said, so he kind of missed the big show. MH guy went and opened the door for him. I lay on the bed facing the opposite wall - my freshly used ass looking at the door. I never turned around.

I heard the dropping of shoes, the clank of a belt and the sound of zipper going down. I felt the depression of the bed as Guy #2 knelt onto the bed and hover over me, awaiting to delve in between my hairy cheeks.

The poor guy had performance anxiety as the first guy sat and watched him and tried to encourage him. Yeah, he got hard enough to get it in me, but the guy was an amateur. I don't think the fuck lasted three minutes and he ended up ejaculating on an outstroke.

When guy #1 saw this: he assumed I could not hold all the sperm in me. Pffft. I can.

He didn't realize Guy 2 spurted more on the outside than in. But Guy #1 was good. Taking two fingers, he scooped up all the jizz and pushed it back into my hole - DEEP.

As he did this, Guy #2 dressed and left. I never saw him.

Guy #1 headed out immediately afterwards - and then I met a friend for dinner..........with two loads up my ass.

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