Friday, July 30, 2010

I Bent Over Again for Him

He returned. The man with the 8.5” dick. Maybe it’s bigger. It is now seemingly bigger.

The set-up fuck was just that. I set-up from an ex to an unknowing guy. I guess a nice guy, from my interactions with him, but let’s face it – my interactions are 99.7% sexual. Little conversation, and certainly not about anything personal.

Somewhat like last time, there was little foreplay. He did want to kiss, but he’s not really good at it. If I do it, I want to go at it. His lips are pursed so tightly, I’m not sure what the point of wanting to do it at all would be – or what he’d get out of it. To each his own – and if it got me what I wanted, so be it.

I did go down to my knees for what little foreplay there was. Man, I hate, yet love, to struggle with taking a big dick in my mouth. Normally I can do it with ease, so I love the struggle, but hate when I don’t succeed to my satisfaction. “Mark” was not complaining at all – but I have set personal goals, I suppose.

Like a semi-pro, I worked my way down his shaft, but it becomes rather thick as you can see. I thought I had a large dick, but I pale in comparison – though granted, I’m not 100% hard. It is close enough, though you can see who reigns supreme.

Mark stepped away from my mouth, turned around and put one foot up on the kitchen island. I took it as a non-verbal request to eat his ass. It looked clean but tasted manly. By the time I was done, it tasted clean.

Remembering what my buddy (Mark’s ex) said about him: he likes to be fucked and it makes him fuck other guys much better after he’s done first.

This posed two potential problems: one, I’m not a great top – as you all know. Two, if I accidentally shoot, I’m pretty much done from taking it myself, so I had to play this carefully.

I stood up and he remained bent over. I slid my hand into the jar of lube and got my thumb all greased up. It slid up his ass with some nice resistance, but it welcomed me in all too easily. It was warm, and he could do a nice job of squeezing it tight. With my other hand I lubed my dick up as inconspicuous as possible.

I extracted my thumb and put my cock at his hole immediately. Any halfway decent bottom knows the difference and he said nothing. I pushed in. He took it. I bottomed out.

I did get to do some pumps but all too soon, I felt my true self come back into play – maintaining my erection was not going to happen, but I continued to try for the next five minutes. He gladly stayed in place in hopes of taking it up the ass. My friend had been correct.

When we realized it was not going to happen, we switched positions and I was bent over the island.

The man is BIG. No mistake about that – especially when it’s being pushed up my ass. All my concentration of breathing went into accepting what he was offering………or insisting upon. It took a few minutes, but he made it in, to when short hairs and ass hairs met.

Then the fucking began.

With no ceremony or asking how things felt for me, Mark decided to fuck. And fuck. And fuck.

There was no change in position, other than to push me down to the counter if I arched my back and keep me there while he plugged my ass over and over and over.

The fuck as great, while not as intense as the last/first one he gave me. We were both on tight timelines, so I guess a 40+ fuck couldn’t be expected.

He had no problems performing and after about 20-25 minutes, delivered a nice load deep into my gut. There was grunting, there was groaning, there was a lot of sweat from both of us. He stayed up me for a few minutes before slowly sliding out of my used ass. I stayed on the counter, clamping down to keep his off-white seed deep in me. The guy leaves me gaping, so it is important to hold it in. I’m not one to let it seep out or slide down my legs – that’s for a money shot and only a money shot. Other than that, if a guy is gonna give you a load, it is your (my) job to keep it as it is precious.

He cleaned up. I pulled on shorts. He left and I went back to work.

There will be more times – hopefully many more The dick is to awesome to not be able to take it every now and then

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Anonymous said...

hey stud. love the posts. any bathhouses, bars or bookstores you'd recommend in cleveland? am here this weekend and looking to do some energetic fucking