Monday, October 06, 2014

3 of 5

At 4:30 my phone rang.  WTF.

But the guy on the other end reminded me that much earlier the day before, I had given it to him for when he got off work.

We 'met' on BBRT. He was all top. All dom. But was headed into work. Maybe when he got off, which I thought was around midnight, we'd do the nasty. Perhaps he worked in a bar. I didn't ask.

All he wanted to do was fuck. I was ok with that. He said he'd be at the hotel in 10 minutes. I was ok with that too. I told him the door would be open. Just to lock it behind him.

I made sure the door was open and settled back into bed. I must have dozed off in those few minutes, still tipsy.

The next thing I remember is feeling the sheet being pulled down past my ass.

Clearly, not only had he arrived, but I'd find out in a few seconds that he had time to disrobe while in my hotel room as I slept.

I heard the flip cap of a bottle of lube go up. I heard the squirt into his hand, or maybe directly onto his cock. The lights were out. I was on my belly with my head to the side. I'm not sure I even opened my eyes. I'm not sure I needed to.

He was smooth. I could feel that.  While his profile said non-smoker, his breath reeked of tobacco. While it was annoying, it wasn't a deal breaker and I had no intention of kissing this guy.

He slid his alleged 7" dick (advertised, never seen) between my cheeks. He held a bottle of poppers under my nose. I inhaled. He pushed in.

As he was #3 in five hours, there wasn't a lot of resistance. He wanted it. So did I. And he knew it.

He pumped my ass for a good 20 minutes. No talking. Just breathing. Breathing the smell of cigarette smoke on the side of my face.

I'll be honest, I kept clenching my muscles in hopes of getting him off sooner. I wanted the experience, but I needed to sleep as well. But still he drilled my ass, his full body weight on top of me as he got his pleasure. All he wanted to do was fuck ass and spread his seed. A dark hotel room with a stranger he'd never truly see was optimal. Possibly for both of us.

Since I now had two loads in me - no I never lost a drop of either - if he realized there was other jizz in me, like guy #2, he never said a word. Of course, it had a been a few hours, so maybe it had worked its way into my tissue by now.

While there was little to no talking, when he got to that place and time, a loud grunt came from his mouth. Grunts, actually. One for each volley of sperm he was shooting into my hole.

I lay there with my hands under the pillow, kind of giving it a little lift to rest my head on, never picking it up, though I know my ass went back to meet his cock while he seeded me. I also gave it some extra squeezes to milk it all.

Still dark, he dressed and headed to the door. At the last minute he came back, grabbed his bottle of poppers off the night stand and was out the door.

I got in two more hours of sleep.

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Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Fucking LOVE this type of scene. I used to do some role play with a hot poz fucker. I would leave the door unlocked for him and go to bed. Some days he would come others he would not. I never really knew when he would show up until he was rubbing to get in my hole.

Very HOT!