Monday, October 20, 2014

Bookstore Feeder

There he was, sitting in his bookstore booth watching a straight flick.

He wasn't as ugly as all the other guys in the place. Actually, he was quite handsome. Shorter, but that wouldn't matter today. I was going to be on my knees anyways.

I'm guessing he had a Hispanic background but light-haired, something you don't see much. It looked like a decent body under his shirt. His dick was nice - I could see that since his pants were down and he was barely fooling with his penis.

He had to know I was standing in his doorway, but he never looked from the screen. He didn't glance over when I took one or two steps in. His eyes closed when I reached down to envelop his cock with my left palm.

I love this. The "straight" guys who watch the screen and never truly acknowledging the faggot who is servicing them.

To do that would make them a willing participant. Culpable, even.

It's better when they end up saying nothing at all. But that wasn't this time.

He said nothing at this point, so I took it as "go for it". Down on one knee I went, grasping his dick and taking it into my mouth.

He was a good 6", but thick. And he wasn't hard. He was fleshy and solid all at the same time - the dick that is, not he himself.

I took him well into my mouth and he started to grow. The few times I looked up his eyes were fixed on the screen. I could hear a woman (or women) making porn sex noises. The ones I'm guessing are never made in the bedroom of real men.

And he did grow  - to a little over 8", still nice and thick.  At this point the second knee hit the floor and I was a committed cocksucker.

I'm a master at using my tongue when I suck. The way I do it usually makes a man moan with pleasure. I'll be honest, I hate when I do it to no reaction, but not every guy has the same zones that make him feel good.

But I'd pull of to lick his shaft, underside, top side , left and right. And I also went down to his almost non-existent balls and licked those too. He liked that - not just the balls, but the attention to detail.

That is when he spoke....barely, but breaking protocol.

"Fuck yeah - lick it all over. You're good".

Yeah - I know. But it's nice to hear it.

Then I went back to sucking. The ball licking, unlike some, made his cock deflate a little. I had to get it back to erect status. That did not take long.

Then I went down on him. Yes, I did it before but this was much more deliberate. Going to his base and holding his cock in my throat. He fucking loved that.

I'd every so slowly withdraw his shaft from my mouth and again, deliberately put him back in my throat. He'd jump. His body and his cock.

I did this a half dozen more times and with no other warning he whimpered and said 'cumming'....and shot off a fuck of a lot of volleys of sperm which started to go directly into my throat.

I pulled back a little, as I did want to taste it and fuck if he didn't fill my orifice too. For having little nuts, he was pumping that spunk from somewhere....and I took it. And I swallowed.

I know, you're shocked, but I did. I swallowed every fucking drop of it.

Being the good cocksucker, I thanked him, stood up and walked out knowing there had been guys watching. I didn't give a flying fuck - I got the cock. I got the load. They didn't.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

You're a damn talented cock sucker and I will definitely let you know how good it felt! All the while with my hand on the back of your head to make sure you tasted every drop of my spunk! OINK!

CoolTop said...

I love a proud cocksucker. I really do. You guys are always the best.

gh_lovr said...

mmmmm - hot scene - one of my favourites