Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 of 5

The final installment of my less than nine hours in a hotel room. This one is short and sweet. Or at least short.

44, 6'2", 38" waist, 7" thick.

I missed the 38" waist in his original description. The face was handsome in the pic he sent and I probably focused on the thick seven inch cock.

My ad was fairly clear about what I wanted, as you can see by the other guys who showed up. But to be fair, some of those guys came from Scruff or BBRT. Still, my CL ad was clear.

I didn't think it would happen as he kind of dicked me around for a day. He must have changed times 6-7 times and always had lame excuses. I don't know why I kept conversing with him. ...except for dick. I wanted dick.

This guy came over and he was all about the eating my ass. I like my ass eaten - but he wanted to perform oral more than anything. He'd go ass to balls to cock.   ....and I wanted dick.

This guy was smarter than the last three. He figured out early on that I had another load up my ass. Maybe that is the difference between the dick and the tongue. The last guy had left his seed up there less than 45 minutes before.

He asked how many loads there were up there and I told him the truth. He dove back in like a starving man.

In a way it was hot, but I've never been big on guys who eat loads out of asses. Not because I think it's disgusting either. No, I want to keep the load up there. All of it. Or as much as possible. I don't need to be felched out. Or want to be.

But there he was, between my cheeks, going to town and jacking the entire time.

He was so turned on, he got himself too close.

So he just lifted himself up and pushed his cock between my legs.  Two or three pumps was all it took and he unloaded his jizz up my ass.....repopulating what he had just extracted.

He wanted to see me cum, but I wasn't that interested in jacking off. So he got the hint and got his clothes together and went on his way.

I showered and met friends for breakfast with at least some remnants of five different guys semen up shot into my guts.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

At least you got the CUM! All that matters!

Bruce Chang said...

Damn, I wish I was number 6...

Frequent Flier said...

Do most guys want to see you cum when they hook up? That can be a highlight, especially for those guys who don't hook up with other guys must...or who are inexperienced with guys...they haven't seen many others shoot.