Friday, October 10, 2014

4 of 5

Oddly, I couldn't sleep. I was up at 7:00a and hopped on line.....looking. Always looking.

The next guy was actually 3.5....not #4.

He was a well built black man with one of the fattest cocks I've ever had the pleasure of pleasuring. Or trying to. I was happy to be able to suck him off, but he wanted to fuck.

Clearly, I'm not adverse to that, but he insisted on wrapping it. I get it. It's not my style, but I get it. The thing was, after he put it on, he couldn't stay hard. But he wouldn't remove it either. After about 15 minutes, he went out his way, as he didn't want oral service. His loss. Mine too.

Actual #4 was black as well. Younger. Maybe late 20s. His profile pic showed a well-built man. Great chest. Handsome face. He claimed an 8" dick, but he didn't show it. Still he was 3 miles from me and was over in a few.

Again, the door was open and in he walked handsome as fuck.

At first, I thought it would just be a blowjob, which was fine. He took off his pants and eventually his shirt and sat at the edge of the other bed. His cock was indeed a very solid, medium thickness 8" with a slight upward curve. When on my knees, which I was, between his legs, the black rod easily slid in my mouth and down my throat. I loved it. He seemed to love it.

He had a beautiful cock for worship and service. I'd have been happy to suck him until check-out time.

He did make the "mistake" of reaching down to play with my nipples.

As many of you have read here: that is my weakness. My nips are hardwired.....more to my ass than my cock (though it does make me stiff too). A guy playing with my tits just right can do just about anything to me and just about anywhere. I'd even let guys I'm really not attracted to do those things to me, if they know how to handle my chest just right.

Now, I could have kept my mouth shut - so to speak - and just enjoyed the feeling of his dark hands on my white chest, but I'll be honest to say I tried to manipulate the situation. So I said, "you shouldn't do'll get me into trouble".

Invariably, the guy will either ask what kind of trouble or intuit well and figure it out. I had to tell him it gets me into trouble.

Yet he wouldn't stop.   :-)

Finally, he said, "oh fuck it".....and pushed me back then lifted me up from the pits and put me on my bed. I asked what he was doing (yes, I was manipulating) and he said he was gonna fuck me.

He got lubed up and pushed in. It was fucking great. He totally took control of the situation - or at least he thought so.

In a way he did because the fucking was all his. Raw - in every way. Masculine. Primal.

He hammered me for a good 20 minutes, pushing my legs far back for full access. He knew exactly what he was doing. It felt fucking fantastic.

But with that 20 minute mark there was no holding back. There was no discussion. There was just the emptying of his sac into my hole. He shuddered with each squeeze I'd put down on his shaft when he was in the after-affects of orgasm. He was sensitive, but not enough to immediately pull out.

It was perfect.

He left and I fingered my hole a pit, making sure the load was well secured. And it was. Deep up there too.

Still, it was only 08:00 or so. I was supposed to meet friends for breakfast, but I still had an itch.

Breakfast would wait.


CoolTop said...

Did someone say nipples?

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

CUM WHORE! Now I know another one of your buttons! NIPPLES!

BlkJack said...

I, too, N Hard wired to my nips. Lightly pinch my nips and I will fuckin go crazy!