Friday, October 17, 2014

Boning the Neighbor

To be clear, it was not my neighbor, but one of a guy who usually pokes my hole.

I was on Scruff and he hit me up. He had hit me up before, and I had hit him up before......up the ass, that is.

While it is still not my usual style, I topped again. I think I have topped more this year than in the last 10 combined. It's just not my style, though recent activity might prove otherwise. And while it's an ok thing to do, when you compare taking it versus giving it.....well, I'd rather take every single time.

That's not to say I can't be a good sport about it.

But he hit me up, I was in a mood and I responded and was on my way to his house. Like the other times, the door was unlocked. I locked after entering, as I don't need any surprises, and found my way to his bedroom / office.

Last time he was in his chair watching porn. This time there wasn't even that pretense. He was on the bed, on his knees, waiting for cock. My cock.

And I gave it to him.

The lube was out. The rubbers were not.

I squirted a bit onto my already hard cock and place it at his hole. Well, it was my hole for the next 15 minutes. I owned that pucker while I was there.

He never looked up or behind. He didn't really care who I was. I didn't really care who he was either. We'd both individually played the role he was doing so often I knew how it goes. Yes, the cock is attached to the man, but all he wanted was the cock. And the fucking load.

I totally got where he was coming from.

I pushed in with ease.

Sure there was some resistance, but not a lot. I could feel the tread, but he knew how to open his hole - or others had done that for him over the years - to accommodate my thick piece of meat.

For the most part, I was fairly comfortable in my role as top. I made no true contact with the guy / hole below me. The one time he tried to pick up his head, well..............

I didn't want him to move. I didn't want to see his face. I didn't want to make a connection.

Granted, I know I'm projecting how I like to be treated in how I treat others the few times I'm the aggressor. Or the top. I can be an aggressive bottom, which I'm trying to fix......kind of.

I kept him in place like that as I screwed his hole.

He seemed to take it all really well. He was no stranger to being fucked, but I tried to make him feel it. I mean, if they don't, what's the point. Well, I mean, except for the load.

With little warning, I did give him that too.

He deserved to know I was going to cum up his ass and it's not like he didn't want it anyways. He loved it last time, so I'm sure he'd want it this time.

I'm not one of these guys who keeps fucking as he's coming. Since honestly, I don't cum that often, the entire process makes me quake. So I bury the bone and just let it shudder through me and I spew semen into his guts.

But he knows what to do with his ass. He milked my shaft, sending tremors throughout my body. And he was knowingly squeezing every drop out of my rod. But I do that too when I'm on the bottom, so I totally respect his efforts.

Since then, he's tried to engage me a few times, but with no luck. I'm not always in this mood, clearly. Perhaps I will be again.....and perhaps he'll be around.


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CoolTop said...

Sometimes I fuck through the orgasm and sometimes I just bury it and let it spew. Some really sensitive bottoms seem to love the latter, they say they can really feel me cum in them. I love to think they can, but I wonder how much you can really feel down there.