Monday, April 06, 2015


I am sure when it comes to sex, I've exhibited guilt afterwards in the past.

The long ago past.

Now, I might not be thrilled with some of the exploits I've had, or the men I've had them with - maybe even ashamed, but guilt? I think that part is long past.

He was here this morning, answering an ad he saw on the way into work - which makes me wonder how his driving skills are, but that's for another story, I assume.

35, married (to a woman), 6'4", 240, in shape, some scruff on his face, suit & tie guy is what he said. 8", is what he said. He got an immediate invite over.

On the way, I think he called twice to talk dirty. I was afraid he'd blow his load in his car and never actually arrive, but he did show, load intact. Actually, I saw him adjusting himself as he stepped out of the driver's door.

What he failed to mention was how incredibly fucking handsome he was.

Now, I know that is relative, but I don't see many looking at him and going, "ewwwwww". I would assume more would do double takes and follow them with their eyes, if they were to pass on the street or in a mall. Yes - THAT good looking.

And he knew how to wear a suit. So, he gets bonus points for that too.

Immediately he kicked off his shoes, took off his suit coat and pants and carefully draped them over a chair. Still wearing his purple dress shirt and a nice tie, he sat down in a chair other than the ones his clothes resided.

I went to reach for his cock, but out of nowhere - at least nothing discussed - he wanted to suck mine. Fudge!

I complied, only because I knew he wasn't going to be able to get me off and the entire talk (and ad) had been about me getting his load.

Let's just say, he is an awful cocksucker. Just horrid. I've had guys fuck me jack rabbit style in bed. I've had guys jack rabbit fuck my face before. I've never had a guy jack rabbit suck me.

I'm thinking nobody has.

Maybe his wife is really bad at it but she thinks she is really good. Maybe he thinks this is the way it is done, but that would mean he's never seen a porn movie. So, I have to believe he knew this isn't THE way.

I didn't even get all the way hard. After a few minutes he gave up and had me go down on him.

Let's start off, as handsome as he was, 6.5" does not equal 8 - even on the moon. He should be proud of what he has, because it was actually a nice cock.

I tried to show off my talents, but I should have known better. He tried to direct me with his hands to my head, and it as the jack rabbit motion I felt as he attempted to suck me. In no world can I imagine this feels good, but it was his thing. And it is always about the feeder.

He pushed me down to lick his balls, but he kept pushing.

He wanted me to go further, even scooting to the edge of the chair. This was not a guy who was going to actually ask for a tongue up his hole, but that's what I did and that's what got a delightful moan. I asked if that's what he wanted and he hissed "yessssss"  - in a purely lustful way.  So I kept at it for a few minutes.

But he was on the edge of something more than his chair. He was ready and I went down on him one more time before he shot his load.

It was a nice load. Tasty. Lots of it.

And as soon as he was done ejaculating, he literally jumped out of the chair with not a word. His pants and coat went on in record time. As he walked across the room, I swear his feet made it inside his shoes in mid-stride.

There was no eye contact or even remotely looking my way. There were no words as I let him out the door. I thanked him, of course - but there was no reply.

I'm kind of surprised there aren't tire marks on my driveway as he fled.

I've encountered post cum guilt before. Usually it is in bookstores and almost always from married guys.

Getting off is not shameful. You should be more ashamed if you can't or don't get it off.

I doubt I'll be seeing him anytime soon - if ever.


Bruce Chang said...

Hmm... Yeah, that can't feel good. I don't even like people jerking me fast...

cyberi4a said...

Do you think it was his first time with a man? That jack rabbit style is copied from his wife who doesn't really want to be doing it and wants to get it over fast.

Anonymous said...

wow! that was nice of you,and you treadted him with respect! i know what your saying about him ,his wife and wanting sex any way he can!my wife isn't good with cock,so i think of hot guys when she blows me or i fuck her(not good at either)but its been so long my nuts hurt and i need to get them off!i'd love a blowjob and would really love a rimjob and really cum for the feeling;)

BlkJack said...

I agree that the fast flee happens mostly with married guys, but, you never know. You know he went to work thinking about how much he liked it and would love a repeat. I'm sure the main reason he contacted you was for a first time experience of having a tongue up his ass!