Thursday, April 09, 2015

Thick 1

We had a few failed attempts at hooking up. One where I even got a few hundred feet from his house before he cancelled, but I could see a bunch of contract workers pulling up to his house. When is a contractor ever on tine - let alone early?

Weeks later we finally made it work. He said he was good now - and I said I needed 20 minutes to get to his place. I made it right on time.

Once into his place, he seemed familiar, but not.

5'10" maybe 180, but muscle. Black. Big dick. ....and I mean, BIG dick. I'd say 8.5", which is impressive in its own right. But it had to be at least 7" around. Not just at the base or mid - but solidly all the way down.

As I went to my knees and took it in my mouth, I had flashes of memory. I think I had done this before, but at my place. Not the act - of course, I've done "the act" thousands of times with just as many men (not even an exaggeration in numbers).

No, I'm now 97% sure I did this guy about four years ago.

Anyways, I got to his house and he was there in a t-shirt and flimsy shorts. Those came off about five feet inside the door.

Normally, I would have gone to my knees immediately, but honestly, I was just there in awe of this ebony piece of meat. It weighed so heavy in my hands. It had such heft.

But as in the job description, "some kneeling may be required for undetermined amounts of time", so to my knees I went.

I'm proud of my cocksucking skills, but I felt on this job I would be getting a 'satisfactory' not much much more. Maybe a fewer high marks for effort, but to say I struggled a bit with the size would be accurate. It was long, but it was the thickness that made it difficult to take as much (read: all) as I'd like.

Mind you, he was not complaining - quite the opposite. It's more that I thought I let myself down. However, upon further review of the evidence, I don't think I did as poorly as I imagined.

Yeah, there is still a half inch to go, but I thought I was off by closer to 2". So maybe there was a reason for his moans.

But that cock tested me. My lips were stretched. My mouth was full. It had a hard time making access to the throat. Still, I love thick. I love long, but thick is better than long usually. Long and Thick are probably the best combo. But that just sounds like I'm greedy.   .....which I totally am.

The load was good sized. A little bitter, but I don't mind that. It's the act of extraction that excites me. The cum is just - so to speak - gravy.

And I did well enough to get a callback.

But that is for a separate entry.

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BlkJack said...

I'm a firm believer that anyone can give a good blowjob to a small to average size cock. takes a skilled cocksucker to handle and satisfy a really big cock! Btw, I don't for a second doubt any of your numbers. Can't wait to hear about the call back.