Thursday, April 02, 2015

Ass Full

The ad was for a blowjob. Me giving, naturally.

Honestly, I don't know the last time I have been given head, let alone to completion. Not in 2015, that is for sure. I also have yet to jack off this year too. For long time readers, that last part should come as no shock to you.

The guy answered my ad and he was unable to travel, but I was. So to him I went.

40, 5'11", 190.  While he didn't state cock size he sent a pic.

While it looks bigger than 7.5" in the pic, it is about 7. 5". At least, that is what I would come to find out.

We went to his semi-below ground apartment, where the Price is Right was on. It was almost like visiting my grandmother - well, when she was alive. I'm not sure I've seen that show since she was alive.

But we got right down to work. Well - play.

He sat back on his sofa and I got on my knees, between his legs and went to down on him. He had a really nice cock.

It was a mouthful. And it turns out - an ass full too.

As I was blowing him, he reached down and played with my nipples.  Fuck - you know how that gets to me. But he didn' least until then.  Then he reached behind and started rubbing my ass....then down to my hole. ....and he found it.

In a matter of a minute, he was behind me, expertly eating my man hole. He was so great at it. Truly did a great job.

I never asked for it. He never asked if it was ok....and then just positioned himself and went in with his cock. I suppose me not saying a word other than "Ohhhhhhhhhhh" was kind of an indicator I was ok with just taking his cock up my ass.

He'd fuck for a while and then pull out and go back down on me, tonguing my crack and hole. It was kind of brave of him, as I didn't really prep, as the only thing we discussed was me giving head.

Normally, I would like to prepare - and usually do, on the off chance - but time was limited and it wasn't even talked about. But he'd have had to know, and he did it. Taking several breaks from fucking, actually, to munch down there.

I was appreciative.

It was back to fucking though - and he pounded the last round. It was time to do it - and he wanted it. So did I. I clawed at the couch cushions as I braced myself for the onslaught. He gave it like a man, and I took like one.

I could feel him twitch, which coincided with every moan he gave.

I walked out of there with my guts filled. He stayed behind, with lighter nuts.


cyberi4a said...

Sometimes the unexpected can be more fun then what was planned as you found out.

Bruce Chang said...

A little specials page added hastily at the last minute to the menu is always fine by me!