Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sexy Ugly

You're familiar with the term that is the post title?

You're just not facially attractive, but still exude a certain sexiness? I could give examples but they'd be my own. "Sexy" is relative to each man - so is "ugly".

He answered my posting. 58, gym rat (clearly), 7.5". and he wanted me to be his cocksucker. And had the attached picture.

I get that guys cut off their heads because they don't want to "be known", but guys crop off their heads for other reasons. One being that you might be chased by a horseman brandishing a pumpkin who will end your life by throwing it at you as you race through the streets of Sleep Hollow.

On paper, he was great. Even in person, he had the right verbal skills to treat a cocksucker like a cocksucker. I have to admire that.

And I think in the situations it is appropriate, to look up at your feeder and make eye contact, letting them know that you know, they are superior to you.

But honestly - and I don't say this to be nasty - you want to be able to look at him. Not cringe or turn away. He would have been perfect for a gloryhole.

Still, I did my "job". He had a nice cock. A great body. A good verbal delivery. Sometimes you just can't have it all.

He shot in my mouth. He told me to swallow. And I did.

He hasn't asked to come back.   ...and I'm ok with that.

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cyberi4a said...

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I've seen some guys in the not GQ cover model catagory, that I found to be hot and sexy. But yet another average looking guy with a nice body wouldn't turn be on at all. But another day and time the reverse could be true.

I guess sometimes it's the over all package and how each person feels at a given time.