Thursday, July 02, 2015

Four on the Floor

He found me on A4A.

It's a site / app I rarely use, because it has rarely ever panned out for me. Maybe all sites do, but after you sign-out, it keeps looking like one is still signed-in for a lengthy period of time, so there are rarely any timely responses.

He was 45 (looked younger in pics and in person).  5'8" 180. 7" said he.

I asked him what he was looking for, and he replied - for 'you to be on all fours'.  I could do that.

The time and place were conveyed. He pulled up, and by the time he got to where he was going, I was on the floor, shoulders and face down, ass up. My ass would be facing the door, and the first thing he saw.

"Fuck yeah!" I heard push past his lips.

I didn't look up or back. I felt his hand on my ass. Then I heard the undoing of belts and zippers.

Not surprisingly, he didn't walk in hard. Most guys don't, as they don't know what they might be walking into. But I heard him playing with it, trying to get his staff erect. It didn't take long.

Being the kind guy I am, there was lube right next to me. Right behind me, where he'd position himself. He used it.

His entrance was clumsy. Finding the hole and jamming himself into me. And I do mean JAM. Yowza.

But after he was in, the man knew how to throw a fuck. He wasn't quick about it at all either - which I'm ok with. I know a lot of these scenes are blow and go, but he took his time, but still gave my ass thorough pounding.

He was a man of few words. Almost no words. Grunts, sure. Moans, sure. But words - I don't remember any other than 'can you lower your ass a little more?'.

There was not an even "I'm gonna cum".

All the sudden I felt a spread of warmth in my ass.

I've said it before and will again - you don't always feel that. Sometimes you don't fee them pulse and shoot, let alone the warmth of the cum. I didn't feel the pulse, but I felt the flood of seed. And he just kept cumming and cumming and cumming.

And trust me - that is not a complaint.

Maybe he'll hit me up again sometime. I'd gladly be on all fours for him again.

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cyberi4a said...

I'm sure every time he walks in someones front door, he'll think of seeing your ass and a little smirk will appear on his lips that no one seeing him will know what it's about.