Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Double Teamed

It was a confluence that I would never have suspected.

Two "suitors"  - both wanting a three-way. Never would I have thought to bring these two together, but the timing of their requests made me rethink things.

Guy 1 - "Tom" - is a pretty regular feeder. Married, I had been sucking him most every Friday morning when he was in town. Mid-50s, 6'2", nice as can be. He really appreciates my oral services, though sometimes he does ejaculate far too quickly.

Guy 2 - no name from last year - has only been with me three times before, each one being very memorable. 6' or so himself. Very fit. Very attractive. 8" - straight shaft, beautiful cock. He's rough. He slaps. He punches. He likes treating me badly - verbally and physically.

I suppose the reason I didn't picture the two together is that one is so nice and almost vanilla, and the other one, well.......isn't. I wasn't sure how Tom would see me during or after this. But both agreed to the time. Guy 2 made himself a little later because while he said he was busy, I think he really wanted to walk in on Tom and myself already in the act.

By the way - this is just oral. As much as I'd like for more, this time, at least, was just oral.

So, there I was, sucking lightly on Tom when He came up the stairs. With his cock pulled out, he stood there watching me perform my talent on his new friend. Both greeted each other, though I never stopped my sucking.

At some point, I was pulled off of Tom's dick by Him and guided roughly to His cock. Fuck, it was nice. I love that cock. I was slapped in the face a few times, but continued on.

Tom moved closer and the heads of both dicks went in my mouth. I worked them both. I would have loved to get more of both shafts in as well, but the angle at which they stood didn't allow that. And one's shaft (His) was much thicker than the other.

I heard noise, enough so to look up with the cocks still past my lips. Both men were making out.

This played with my emotion a little. I know it shouldn't - as I wasn't there for emotion, but it still got to me a bit. First, Tom tries to kiss me now and again. He doesn't, (or can't, or won't) commit to it, so you get half-hearted kisses. He (#2) would never think of kissing me. I'm not on a level of someone he'd show that kind of intimacy.

And that's the rub. He is someone I would love to kiss. And he probably knows it. And he probably was kissing Tom - and they were both deep into it - that it was a jab at me somehow.

Of course, I could be projecting, but I think not.

Still I continued with my "work".  They'd trade off who was in my mouth. At one point He was behind me beating my back with his cock, or reaching around and playing with my tits. Tom seemed to like the show. More kissing happened - and none of it with me.

He pushed be back down on Tom's cock, as Tom leaned against the desk. I worked. Tom tried to push me off saying he was close. He told Tom to shoot it and pushed me back down. So I worked for it, though it didn't take much before my mouth started filling up with jizz.

After I showed Him I swallowed it all (Tom always knows, so it wasn't that imperative) He jumped up on the desk. Standing there, legs slightly apart, he motioned for me to get off my knees and get on his cock.

He fucked my face with abandon. I loved it. I like to think he did too.

He shot all his goo into my mouth and I swallowed like a greedy, obedient, little faggot. Which is kind of what I was.

He left first - just nodding to me. Tom got himself together, just repeating one word mostly "WOW!"

Yes - wow to the scene, but I think he was saying wow to the guy.  I was. Still do.

After the fact, I was called "adequate".

From most any other man, that would have been harsh - as I know I did a well above average job. But this guy would never pay me such a compliment. It is more important to keep me at a certain level - and at a certain distance - that I'd never truly receive praise.

At least I understand this.

Oddly, my question to Him wasn't inquiring about my skill level - just if He enjoyed Himself. Maybe He can't bring himself to say how much He liked it, because that would imply I was more than "ok".

I kind of chuckled to myself that he sent emails asking what the other guy thought, said, acted. He was in need of validation of himself.

Maybe we're not all that different.

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cyberi4a said...

Sounds like all that kissing was to make you jealous and it seems he likes to keep you wanting him more. Such a tease he is......sounds exciting.