Sunday, July 05, 2015

the Cigarman Returns

It's been seven (plus) long months, but the fucking hot, masculine, cigar smoker returned.

He's been through town, with a new job, but no time to stop. That changed last week. He stopped by in his suit, though he had taken off the tie. His tan, Italian loafers were on as he was stepping out of his car.

I met him outside, because it was not only a beautiful day, but he was hoping we'd get to play outside.

He was just as handsome as I remembered. This time, a little fuzz was starting on his face, though it probably wouldn't be there forever. And it was coming in brownish-red. He wore it well.

Like last time, as he pulled out his cigar and cutter, you could see he was already chubbed and the dick was pushing against his dress slacks. I love how just the thought of a cigar - not even necessarily with a blowjob - made him bone up.

We walked around to a private area of the yard where no one could ever see us. I stripped off my shirt. He clipped his cigar, took out his torch and singed the end of his cigar. Soon after, he put it in his mouth and fired it up.

It was a much stronger smelling cigar than the first time we met. That was ok. I got to know he was there by smell alone, though this time, I won't be smelling his scent in my home office for weeks after the fact.

He would at times during the blowjob, just tilt his head back and savor all the sensations he was feeling: mouth on his cigar (his) and mouth on his cock (mine) or maybe at his ass (again, mine!).

Like a good boy, I did go down on my knees. I ran my tongue over his recently shaved nuts - I'm guessing within a few days of stopping by.  The man has tree trunk legs and they are so fucking solid to hold on to while giving head.

"Mike's" cock isn't the largest, but it is always hard. And he knows how to use it.

He lets me do my thing - sucking, using my tongue, worshipping it. But then other times, he takes matters into his own hands and just pounds the ever loving fuck out of my face.

His hands would hold my head steady, and I'd grip his legs for support. Sometimes he'd feel my beard, sometimes not. Sometimes he'd keep his cigar in his mouth, sometimes not. We'd go through this scenario a few times during this session.

A few times, he would push me off, as he was getting too close. He wasn't even halfway done with his cigar and my deal his, my services should last as long as his smoke.

So I did turn him around and have him bend over. With his cigar parked in his jaw, I spread apart that muscle ass and dove in. He fucking moaned. He loved the heat. He loved the tongue. He loved the beard. He told me so on all of these things - as best I could hear with my heard pressed between his crack.

After that and more cocksucking. He was playing with me and his cigar. Getting it along side my cock and balls. Almost singing my nipples as he played with them - both with his fingers and cigar. There was smoke in my face, there was his spit on my body.

At one point, he was standing behind me, teasing my hole with his rock hard shaft. He was poking at it and he easily could have (and should have) gone in - but he was there to tease me and he knew it. Unfortunately, so did I, but I wanted it -and I let him know.

But we don't always get what we want.

During this, he did burn my back a little with his cigar. It was possibly accidental. It was possibly on purpose. He said it was an accident but I can't say he was extremely remorseful - and I didn't really complain as I'm not that fragile.

Soon, it was back to me on my knees.

We worked this angle for quite a while. He kept asking where did I want his load when he blew it. I kept telling him wherever he wanted it. Of course I wanted it up my ass, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. So I kind of assumed like last time it would be in my mouth.

At the last moment, he pulled out and shot it all over my face.

The load was huge. Like he had not come for weeks.

It turns out it was just cigar play excitement. He had jacked off in his hotel room earlier that morning. So, that kind of made the load that much more impressive.

I was coated - but no fears. What I couldn't reach with my tongue, he slid his cock across, smearing his own load on it and then feeding it to me. We did this repeatedly until he was satisfied that all the semen was off me and then into me.

Then he made me clean off his cock.  I should say "made me" - as I was never going to let him go without doing that. And he still had a few more hits to go on his cigar.

I did do something I don't normally do.

He wanted to see me cum. For most other men - I don't jack off, but I liked this guy. I liked the scene and I wanted to please him.  So I did.

He was more than impressed with the build up I shot all over the lawn.

Mike promises to return - and soon. That would be great. But if not - he knows I'll wait another seven months for him.

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cyberi4a said...

Just reading these words, I can sense the excitment you feel when this man is using you.