Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hotel Group Encounter

I had been chatting on Scruff with a handsome-ish black man. Some pictures he was very handsome, and some he was not so much. I wasn't sure how he actually looked by the images he was providing.

Even his cock pics looked a little different, but one thing was for certain was that it looked thick.

"Matt" had a nice body an wanted to get together right then, but my schedule didn't allow it. The next morning he wanted me to come by his hotel, but wanted to fuck me in the lobby restroom. I'm all for a public display like that, as you know, but then he changed his mind and told me to come up to his room.

As I pulled into the parking lot, he messages me: "there are two other guys here with me - is that ok?" Of course, I said it was.

When I knocked, he came to the door wrapped in a towel. Facially, he looked different than any other pic he sent, but still handsome. I started to walk into the room - for a second I spotted two white guys pairing off in the corner, but my guy brought me back to the bathroom area for himself to start.

He dropped his towel and he produced a nice cock for me to get on my knees for. Which I did.

We played for about 10 minutes, but I think hearing the command about "get your ass up on the bed" got the better for both of us. By the time we emerged, one guy had his cock all the way up the other guy's ass.

I finally got a look at the two. The fucker, "Brian" was HOT. Hotter than hot. The face was European - Greek ancestry perhaps? - the body was a little above average and he was sporting a wedding ring - which I love. He pulled his cock out and it was fucking nice. 8", but it was the thickness that gave me pause along with the dip downward at the base of the shaft, that went on to curve upward at the head. This could do some damage to this guy.

The fuckee, "Mark" was average. Less than. Reddish blonde hair, but chunky. His face, when I got to see it was very full. But he was face down taking the dick, and I wasn't. While we watched him fuck, I got down on my knees and stuck my tongue up the fucker's ass. He fucking moaned - I think from my tongue, but maybe from the ass he was plowing.

I went over to the sofa and blew Matt. Eventually, he got me to the bed too, perpendicular to the other couple. I had knees up on the bed, my head near the other bottom and waited to take that black cock up my ass. I didn't have to wait too long either. Soon he was balls deep.

I will totally admit to being fucked, but watching Brian do his deed - and hoping I'd get that chance. I was trying not to do a grass is greener thing, but his cock was so fucking hot and he was such a brute, it was difficult not to want it.

As it turns out, Matt slipped out of me. Semi-hard, he had already admitted to having two guys the night before (when I couldn't make it) and was a little worn out.  Brian pulled out of the other guy and walked my way.  Internally, I was going "yayyyyyyyy!" to myself.

He rubbed my ass. He squatted down to actually inspect it. I thought for a second he would lick it, but he didn't. He rubbed his thumb against my hole. Fingers were inserted. But soon he was standing behind me. And in he went. No ceremony - no easing it in. He knew what he had between his legs and he knew how to use it. He knew his skills, or he didn't care about my well being - though I think it skewed more to the former. He also had seen a big black cock just pound me so he knew I was somewhat open.

My lord that man knew how to fuck. I felt every inch of his cock and he knew it.

A few times he pulled out. At least twice just to plunge back in, but at least once to cool down. Matt said, "yeah, he's ready to shoot".  And he probably was, but he wasn't ready to just yet. That was ok, I could take a little more.

While I was getting fucked, Matt went over to fuck the other bottom. He was taking that black dick well.

But then the tops decided to switch places.  Fuck.  With Brian so close to coming at least once, I didn't want to not be the receiver or his fluid. He dove right back in, while my guy slowly inserted himself back up my hole. I think he was struggling a little with trying to stay rigid.

As it turns out, Brian fucked the load right out of the other bottom. The guy had a towel to shoot onto, but sprayed his seed all over the sheets. Somehow I was no longer being fucked and we stood along side the other top. I scooped up the spilled seed and rubbed it on the white top's dick. He just pushed me over - me taking the place and space of the former bottom.

With some cum as lube, he went in and he went in hard. Matt was now laying on the bed - perpendicular - and Brian told me to lick his balls, which I did. And I moved farther south to eat his hole too. That got both of them worked up.

It didn't take the top more than a two dozen strokes after that before I heard Matt say, "he's getting ready to shoot".  There was heavy breathing, but not announcement. Brian popped out of my ass for one stroke and one squirt then back in - this time taking me flat on the bed, his full body weight on top of me.

"Fuck boy, I'm going to push it all the way up you!".

Matt was now standing in front of me and I thought I felt something but wasn't sure. I asked what he was doing and the guy fucking me said - "he's cumming on your fucking skull!"

We all got ourselves together. This is when I finally figured out that the two tops were partners. Of course he knew when he was going to cum, they knew each other's signs.

The other bottom left first. The other two talked about how they were from Alabama and could never have a four way - that they'd just never find one especially due to one of them being black. It still amazes me people think this way.

I admitted to them that I was worried the other guy would get the loads. They both laughed and said there was no danger in that. That the other top misrepresented himself and they weren't going to reward that.

They asked if I wanted to shower or clean up. I just needed to clean drying jizz off the top of my scalp. But when I turned down the offer so clean up the ass, Brian goes - "Good - you fucking keep that load in your ass all day".

And I did - for about 11 hours.

They said they'd be back - and here's hoping. I'd love another go-round.


BlkJack said...

I love it! Always reward good behavior!

Anonymous said...

Bikeguy13 I have enjoyed many of your stories this one was really hot. Keep sharing bro!!