Sunday, July 26, 2015


There was no other way to describe him: Nerd.

Doughy, but not overly so - still he has never seen a gym since mandatory P.E. class. He was short the slide rule and pocket protector, but everything else about him said: Dwight Schrute's brother!

And he was nervous too. I get that. A stranger's place, doing something you've probably done a half-dozen times in your life?  Everything about the guy said 'newbie' or 'inexperienced'. While I'm not a fan of virgins (I like experienced guys), I figured I could work with this. His profile said he had a great cock - but don't they all?

He was a little bowlegged and while he could get up the stairs, to the trained eye, he struggled just a bit. He was shaking a little - maybe nerves, maybe something else.

A quick feel of his crotch yielded less than stellar hopes for what he advertised. But I know guys can be growers, so I'm trying to learn not to judge too quickly. And again - the nerves!  He unbuttoned his trousers and massaged his cock through his striped briefs. I got down on my knees and gnawed just a little through the cotton. Then I pulled them down.

Well fuck!

THAT is a nice hang.  He grew to a nice 7.5" and he was thick. Beefy, if you will. And a nice big head on the end of that shaft - as you can see.

It was growing. He was getting over his nerves.  ....and then my mouth went around it.

He started shaking, but this time for a whole new reason.

He loved the feeling of my mouth on him. And yeah, I could have probably done some fast sucking job that would have gotten him off with ease, I didn't. I was slow, methodical, thoughtful and reading every sign he could provide.

I did the head. I did the shaft. I made my tongue dance all over, seeing what he'd respond to. I used my lips to caress the head and shaft too. He was in fucking heaven. While I had to believe someone had serviced his cock before, I doubt it's been often and I'm almost sure it wasn't with such intent.

I also talked to him. Making sure he felt good. Letting him participate. I know I'm totally backstorying his sex life, but I felt like no one ever had done any of these things. He got more and more comfortable with what I was doing - even putting his hand on my head - more to steady himself than to guide me, but that's ok. Being comfortable to do just that can be big. But his legs never truly stopped shaking.

I was taking the tremors as a good sign. Twice he pulled back. I asked if he was ok, but he commented he didn't want to cum. I took that as a very good sign - of what I was doing to him and his stepping up to the plate to let me know he was (somewhat) controlling his orgasm.

He told me he loved the pics I had in my CL ad, showing other guy's cum in my mouth. While I'm glad that turned him on, I was happier that he was expressing his likes.

I told him I wanted his cum in my mouth. He said he would and said he wanted me to swallow it. I assured him I would. And he said he had already cum once that day because he didn't think something like this would actually happen.

I wasn't too worried. He was in high gear - trembling and trying to hold back. He would cum - the question was how much would he have?

As it turns out, the second time of the day was more than plentiful. Well........maybe not more than - as I didn't miss anything. I got it. I held it in my mouth. And since he liked seeing the pictures of it, I opened my mouth nice and wide to show him his jizz before I let it slide down the back of my mouth and into my belly.

I told him if that's what his second load was like, the first load of the day would have been amazing.

...and yes, I would do him again in a second, nerd, or not


cyberi4a said...

sounds like you relaxed him :-)

Bruce Chang said...

Well, shucks. Now I feel inadequate! That piece of his! Your skills. Nice job, cocksucker. Ha!

... And I was recently called a "unassuming but hot nerd". I'm attributing that to the new black plastic frames I got for my glasses. I cool with that. Especially when he followed that up with, "but man, you can fuck good". The nerd in me kinda wanted to say "well" is a better adverb but I held my tongue.

Anonymous said...

Big head, yes,But cut cock with circumcision scar;diminishes te pleasure,specially te scar-When will ou suck uncut ones;brave new world for you!