Thursday, July 23, 2015


I will admit, this story isn't too much different than one I posted two plus months ago.

It still stars the 8-9" thick thick thick cocked black man, who is becoming one of my all time favorites. He's subdued. Calm. Intense. Sexy. All at the same time. And he has a big cock, and knows how to use it.

You'd think it wouldn't matter, as long as he has a big cock, but not all large men can utilize their penis the right way.

The situation was the same as well. Let me rephrase - it turned out to be the same. I don't think there was any intention on our parts for it to play out in a similar fashion.

He asked me to meet him at his place at 3p. I got there on time, but he wasn't there. It turns out he wouldn't be showing for another 35 minutes, but I hung around the neighborhood, well, because I wanted his cock. Plain and simple.

He greeted me at the door with a t-shirt, shoes and socks. His shorts were off, his cock was rock hard - right there, at the door, in broad daylight. What is not to love about this man?

I walked in and wrapped my hand around it well before shutting the door. I even tugged at it, making it even more stiff than before. Off came my shoes, then my shorts and boxers. And then I was on my knees.

For some reason, he likes to sit while he gets sucked. I'd rather he stand, but clearly it is not my call - nor should it be.

At first we started the fucking part of this story with me sitting on the sofa, with my ass at the edge. This worked for a few minutes and actually felt really good for me, but I knew it was an awkward position for him, so it was back to being bent over the couch.

I'm adapting much better to him just taking my ass. Yes, I feel every part of it - and I should mention this was a day after the trucker and the two guys in the hotel room. So my ass was a little open and a little sore. Not that I told him that. Not that I care. Not that he would have either.

He went hard. He fucked like a champ - but he always does. He wasn't asking me how I felt and you know I'm ok with that. I was worried that he like it. And he did - or so he says. Hell, his cock was like steel, he was liking something.

We'd only been at it for about 10 minutes when he said he was going to cum. The words were barely out of his mouth when he buried deep and squirted his load into my guts.

He never even pulled out afterwards. His first words to me were - "want another load". It was rhetorical of course, but I answered in the affirmative.

Even with the second go-round, he only took about 6-7 minutes, commenting on his own load as lube.

Here's a quick video of him putting it to me.

I love having the second load as much as the first.

But pull out he did. And I knew what he wanted. I don't need to cum, but he really really really likes me doing it. So I did. All over his cock and his floor. I tried to aim, but's an unruly beast. I'd say 70% went on his still hard dick.

Then he just bent me over again and pushed in. He only did enough strokes to rid himself of my load - up MY ass, but when it was done, we were done.

Six loads in two days. One of them mine.

Yes, for sure, now my ass was sore.

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BlkJack said...

I was thinking at the beginning of the post that I would love to see his cock...Thanks for the clip!