Friday, August 14, 2015

Не говорю по английски

Allegedly that means 'no speak English in Russian. At least according to the internet.

Not unlike the Hispanic dude I let fuck me a few months ago, this dude knew little to no English.

He pulled up in a work van / truck of some type, the likes of which I have never seen. I have zero idea what kind of business for which it could be used. Not that I care - it's not like we were doing it in his truck.

When he came in, it was a lot of nodding and very little talk. I didn't realize it at first that he was Russian. Probably emigrated here not that long ago. He looked liked he was a hard worker, and he reeked of cigarettes - clothes and skin.

And while he might have only been 37, but the smoking had taken a toll on his skin. He was pre-wrinkled where he shouldn't be. He carried himself well, but when he relaxed with his shirt off, he had a little paunch - but not fat. Still he didn't look like the same guy who walked up the drive.

He had a few words of English down - 'bathroom' as he pointed to it, making me think he had to use it. I obliged.

'Only Women' where the other two he kept repeating. I wasn't sure it was a question or a statement. Either way - it was incorrect. I was there to put his cock in my mouth - so not 'only women' for me. Well, no women at all. Ever.  And he was coming to get his cock sucked, so no 'only women' for him either.

And since he was looking at craigslist M4M, it was highly doubtful I was his first. Possible, I suppose, just not probable.

The cock was nice.....and uncut.

Not just uncut but with plenty of foreskin. And veiny foreskin at that.

I am not sure I've seen such prominent veins in the actual foreskin before.

And look how tightly that skin wraps around the head, truly exposing the rim. It was so fucking hot.

I know many guys like cut or uncut - for the most part, I don't care one way or the other. I suppose it is fun to play with one like this, getting my tongue underneath the skin, tasting the trapped precum.

Language barriers or not - it seems all men understand Fellatio.

I got his body language. I understood his moans. I understood the grip on my head. I knew what he meant when he started spewing cum into my mouth.

He knew what I mean when I groaned and swallowed.

There were no need for niceties on his way out - he couldn't convey them and I couldn't understand them.

It was a blowjob. Not a United Nations meeting .

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cyberi4a said...

That skin does look tight, but fun to play with