Monday, August 31, 2015

B&W Three Way

I've been blowing 'the nerd' fairly regularly for a few weeks now. He's still nerdy, but not nearly as inexperienced as he led me to believe - or to be more accurate, that I assumed him to be.

This isn't a bad thing. I'm rarely in the mood to teach anyone anything. It is why I like men more than boys: experience. Don't get me wrong, 20-somethings are fine now and then - as you've seen here now and again.

But during these blowjob sessions, the Nerd has been dropping hints of wanting a third person with us. He has been dropping hints about tag-teaming me. Or at least spit roasting me. Or at the very least, watching me suck another guy and him.

Yeah - he might be inexperienced and just a healthy fantasy life, or he might know exactly what he's doing and up for. Still, neither of us had really acted on it, or actively looked for a third. I mean, I've only been blowing him for a month or so.

Then a three-way situation fell into our laps. Nerd was expected at 5:45p and a 36 yo black man  I was chatting with had to delay our meet-up time from 2:30p to 5:30p. I proposed to both we combine meetings. Everyone was fine with the situation. No getting pre-approval from everyone, they just all trust me. A rarity.

The Nerd showed up first. The other guy 25 minutes late. We actually did no pre-play ahead of time. He said he had to make a stop first. As it turns out, it was for condoms.

The guy had a really really nice cock.

Oddly, I don't think it was a big or as nice as the Nerd's. Still, it was a beauty.  The guy had a great body too. Just almost flawless.

I went to my knees and started sucking the Nerd. Then the new guy. Each guy inched closer to me, until both cocks were reachable.

Sure, they both went in my mouth at once, but that is only sustainable for a little bit. To make them both feel really good, I had to alternate cocks.

The Nerd had me bend over the desk and the other guy got a rubber on and tried to fuck me. Tried. As in: unsuccessful.

Like most guys I find who put rubbers on - and we've been through this - could not maintain an erection to save his life. The second the rubber came off, I got him rock hard. He put on a second rubber and - boom ! - deflated enough not to be able to work it up my hole.

I got on the desk and laid back. He walked around, placed one foot up on the desk, to position himself to be able to plunder the depths of my mouth, and he did. And I let him.

Nerd guy was between my legs, rubbing his cock, but not much more than that. I assume he was taking in the oral sights, but I couldn't see what he was looking at.

By now, the black guy was big and hard again - and there was one more rubber to try.  "Get on the floor", he instructed. He pushed my head and shoulders down, my ass was up, presenting to him. He got behind me and..................pffffffffffft.  

Flat tire. again.

I was still in position when I heard sounds of two guys doing something, but I stayed put. Still, soon, Nerd was behind me and SHOVED his big, fat cock into my ass...........and to the hilt at that. I moaned, big time, but he kept going. Not that I was moaning for him to stop, mind you. Quite the opposite.

Either he picked up on that, or just didn't care. Of course, I hope it was the latter.

What I also hoped was that the new guy was paying attention: raw riding on Nerd's part. I think he was feeling Nerd up while I got fucked, and it only took 5-6 minutes before Nerd tensed and groaned, sending his load deep up my ass.

He pulled out way way way too quickly, but I know he can be sensitive after cumming. But the black guy never took his place.  He came up to my mouth and rolled me on my back. I sucked. He'd pull out and jack. Then I'd suck. He'd jack - and we repeated.

Eventually - and not in too long of a time - he just shoved in my mouth and fed me his load.

I'm not sure he could have gotten out of their any quicker, but Nerd guy stuck for a few. He had to anyways, as his car was blocked in. We didn't really talk if it was a good or bad scene. It was kind of in between. I'm not sure any of us were fully satisfied with it - but to be honest, I think that is how 3-ways go most of the time.

I don't expect a re-grouping of these guys with me.


LP - Hired Stud said...

Hot story stud. Love multiple cocks!

John said...

I hope Nerd keeps coming back. Sounds like his cock and your ass are made for each other!

BlkJack said...

I agree with John that the nerd cock and your ass seem to be a nice match. Btw, what do your neighbors think of the diversity of your visitors? Happy Labor Day!