Thursday, August 27, 2015

Double Breeding

I was all dressed up and at a meeting when I got a 'woof' on Scruff.

He was four miles away, decent body, nicely tatt'd. But by the time I had a chance to 'woof' back, he said he had someone on their way over to his hotel - and perhaps we could get together later. I figure it would never happen, so I headed home after my meeting. Of course, right before I made it home, he reached out to me. The guy he met up with got off almost immediately, leaving the woofer high and dry in terms of ejaculation - and was I free?

I told him I could meet him in an hour - and he was good with that. And an hour later, I was knocking on his hotel room door.

He answered in just a pair of briefs. I was still in my suit - minus the tie.

After a 'hello', his first words to me were 'deep kiss'.  It wasn't quite a question, as right after he grabbed the back of my head and drew me into him. The man was a good kisser. And deep. He was all in with this act.

Soon, trousers were dropped. Shirts were in a pile on the floor and the briefs kicked across the room. While we continued to make-out, his hands felt my tits (damn!) and then they found their way back to my ass. First just on the cheeks, and then, in between.

I dragged him over to the king sized bed and pulled him down while still making out. Soon enough, he was sitting on my chest, feeding me his cock.

He was a solid 7 with a curve to his left. Nice sized head. Even hard, the cock also curved down - this would be nice for the 69 we would do, or the sitting on my chest when he tried - and succeeded in - choking me with his penis.

The man liked to make me gag.  To be fair, I think he probably likes to make all his partners gag. And while his cock wasn't extra large, the curve made it easy to go past deep throating and really get lodged in your esophagus. His tight grip on my head didn't help matters - for me. It was perfect for him.

And gag I did. My deviated septum on my left nostril doesn't help matters, but this was his show - not mine. I was a just a bit player - to a degree. My eyes would water, I'd have spittle coming from the sides of my mouth, my face was flushed. It was all perfect in its own way.

He pushed me down, face down, and went back and ate my ass. It was good, but truth be told, I've had better. Still I liked his enthusiasm.

But my mouth wasn't the only place he wanted to bury his cock. "Get up on your knees".....and so I did. With just some spit on his cock, and what he left on my hole, he was soon balls deep up my ass. The man was a good fucker.  He knew how to pump. He knew how to treat a guy who'd show up in his hotel room, after being rejected shortly before. He knew what I was - and what I was there for.

I'm down with that. But you know that. You've read other entries here, right?

I'm afraid to say, he didn't last long. He tried slowing down to keep himself from cumming, but he was too far gone. He had started to withdraw and had to plunge deep to make sure I took the seeding he was wanting to give.

We lay there afterward, him almost spent. But then he went between my legs and started lightly lapping at my 'taint. Then went down to taste his own jizz in my hole.  Then he came up and kissed me so I could taste his jizz and my ass.

He started talking about his first times - which always gets me going anyways - and how now his experience would be considered taboo. I had already asked for a second go-round, but he said he wouldn't be able to get it up. Still he came to the edge of the bed and had my head bent over it - and he wanted me to clean off his cock - to really taste the cock that had just been in my ass. And I did.

The combo of the ass eating, the stories and the ass-to-mouth got him hard as hell again. He spun me around, him still standing next to the bed, my legs went up and he gave me a rough 5 minute fuck until he spewed a second load deep into my hole.

I fell right to my knees after he pulled out and he buried his cock again down my throat - a tight hold so I couldn't escape his freshly fucked dick.

It was a great meeting. I was ok to call it a day then, but he wanted me to cum.  Drats. I was hard and all, but I always want to save it - or at least not get off. It's just my place in life most of the time.

Still he wanted it and I kind of figured he had earned it - right?

I asked where he wanted it, because I was ready to do mouth or ass at that moment. But he wanted it in his face.


He didn't know what he was asking for, because he wasn't aware of how much I cum, when I allow myself to cum. And I had a good 10 day load in my nuts. I didn't tell him that either.

He played with my tits from below, his head now hanging off the bed, the same place I had been. And I didn't hold back.

Each time he thought it was the last shot, it kept coming. Or cumming. He was impressed and not even a little upset that so much had gotten in his eyes, though the majority was in his beard.

He stood up, grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me. My own cum was in my mouth, but more of it was on my beard, transferred from his very own.

I dressed, did a quick towel pass over my face, though not thoroughly cleaning it, walked to the lobby and drove away.


cyberi4a said...

Double load.....nice

I know what you mean, I would rather cum later on when alone then with someone I was just used by. Some how it just doesn't feel right to do it with them. But like you said, he wanted you to.

BlkJack said...

Would have loved to see of pic of all that cum on his face. Hot time in Oh10.

Bruce Chang said...

Ass to mouth always gets me going. And I'd have used your shirt instead of a towel.