Monday, August 10, 2015

It Broke

I was looking for a fuck - and I got one.

I wish I had asked for a pic, but I rarely do - for multiple reasons. Sometimes it pays off handsomely, sometimes it just is, and sometimes you go 'ummmmmmmm' - sometimes following through, sometimes not.

The pic would have possibly reminded me I had had sex with him a decade ago. If I wrote about it then, I can't find the blog post now. But his ad said, 6' 220, muscular powerlifter.

Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't - a powerlifter. He hit 220 20 or 30 lbs ago. All of it in his gut. He might be able to dead lift 430, but chances of him lifting a box of thin mints seemed to be more likely.  7" was more like 5.

Sometimes you can't win for losing. And I didn't know this until he got to the door, so, I guess I could have sent him away.

But he had a scene he wanted to play out. He asked if I wanted it raw or wrapped. I said it was up to him. He wanted the best of both worlds. Fucking me until the rubber broke - and then still finishing.

While stealthing is definitely a turn-on, as mostly a bottom, I find it difficult to do. And many tops won't really step up to that plate. So a "role play" was the next best thing, I guess.

He said he would bring the condom and that he was on his way - then sent me this picture.

I even planned to webcast this live, but that was another plan with a hole in it.

So he gets to the door, and if he remembers me or our last time, he doesn't show it, but i know and i remember it being ok because there were some firsts for me - but overall, it wasn't satisfying and he really didn't register with me on an erotic scale.  Still the door opened for him and upstairs we went.

The laptop was set-up and the web page was open. I had already put out an alert and link to the show / page via Twitter.

I dropped to my knees and sucked him through his lime green gym shorts. Then when those dropped his stupid ass jock strap / thong. I'd have shaken my head in sadness had I ever seen that in my gym locker room.

Like reverse magic, his 7" became 5. Stubby, especially seemed small when added in the gut. I'd say I don't know why I let him stay, but I probably do know why:  load collection.

I had come up off my knees for the fuck and reached into my counter drawer, "insisting" he put on a rubber. And he did. Well, technically, I did. I opened the package and rolled it on him. I turned around, he was ready to insert and BOOM - the Chaturbate screen had gone into 'warning' mode.

While the site had my documentation on file, they actually saw two people on screen (they audit? who knew??) and demanded documentation for the other person or no show.

Well - while doing the documentation isn't too too difficult, in the middle of sex, it is inconvenient at best. Still pics would have to be taken and emails sent - plus waiting time on the other side to verify and approve. I wasn't wanting this guy in my place for that long - so we opted to continue without.

I bent over for him, but had to talk him through penetration. Maybe it is my height, but guys are almost always 1-2" above entry. But with some assistance, he was in - and in to the balls.

I won't say I 'faked it', but I "ooh'd and ahh'd" at all the places I should have....and at the right times. But I can't say I was really into it. I wanted it to happen, but I wanted it to be done.

I did give him my phone (really - why is is so hard to self-film fucking?) and this is what he got.

Torn powered by XTube

The video is here for all of 2 seconds of visual. The ripped condom.

In theory, the broken rubber his hotter than fuck. It isn't really real, but in certain ways it is. The guys back storying it when they see it and not read this will spring a boner and jack their dicks off to a darker encounter that they'd probably never follow through on.

That's ok. Most sex is fantasy. I often wonder what guys are thinking about when I'm blowing them and they close their eyes. I'm almost sure they are not thinking about me - and that's ok. I'm just a curious sort.

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cyberi4a said...

I have to ask, did he really say 'raw or wrapped'? That sounds so paper or plastic like the grocery store used to

On the bright side, you got his load two inches sooner then if he had been a seven.