Thursday, August 06, 2015


I was sent a message: a guy was dying for some head. He was headed out to do an estimate on a job in an affluent area of town and could I meet him out at the house he was performing said estimate.

This is not my normal routine - but I wasn't far from him, as I was coming from getting off my knees at another semi-regular's house. I'm not sure why I keep going over to that guy - decent enough load, but disappointing cock - and he's just a popper pig. He takes in as much oxygen as he does "video head cleaner".

The good thing about this last visit was he had a guy working in his garage. The guy I was sucking said he could walk in at any moment and see us. I hoped he would. I told him to tell the guy he had a cocksucker, but his response was, "I don't need trouble with the police".   That I didn't get.

The guy did knock (wish he had just walked in) and they conversed out of site of me, though I sat on the sofa stroking my cock in case he did peer in. No such luck.

Anyways, so, guy #2 leaves a message as I'm blowing guy #1. I said I can be there in 15 minutes. I figure, worse case scenario is I just leave.

The neighborhood is nice, but more populated than you'd think considering the wealth and the way most of the area is - which is acres and acres per property. Somehow I arrive first, and just drive around until he tells me he is there.

Naturally, in my pea brain, I figured (hoped?) that he'd be a hot laborer, or at least a very masculine one. Once again, porn has lied to us about how these guys look and how it all plays out. Yet I fall for it every time.  B.T. Barnum was right.

He pulled up in an ancient beat-up Volvo. He looked like Sam Elliott if Sam Elliott grew his hair to his shoulders and hadn't washed it for a week.  Or as a friend said to me, "in other words....Sam Elliott".

The guy was probably close to my age but with his - I'm guessing 4 pack a day habit - he looked 15-20 years older. And since it was noon, he was well into his 2nd pack of the day. Every breath he'd take - especially the exhale - would be like me sticking my nose directly into an ashtray, even though I'm on my knees three feet below him.

So, I get there and he goes "maybe we can find a place to do this....or do it in your car."

I'm like - you don't know a place?  I thought that is why I'm here. But he'd never been to the place. He said the owners were in Vegas and he was to do some work for them. Houses were not really close, but had views over to the one we were at.

For someone who had never been there he knew his way around. We went into a gated area - he knew exactly where the latch was and how it operated. He walked over to a pool area and grabbed a float and carried it over, depositing it in front of me so I could be on my knees in comfort.

What this guy lacked in looks, hygiene and professionalism, he made up for in his cock.

When fully erect, it was a very plump 7". Nice head too.

He really enjoyed my work, but that excitement led to breathing heavy, which led to that ashtray smell.

Still, the shaft had a good angle which made it nice for deep throating and then tickling the underside with my tongue as I extracted the cock - before repeating the process.

As he said it had been "forever" since he had head, I knew he wouldn't or couldn't last long. And he didn't. Maybe 10 minutes tops.

I could feel every pulse of this shaft as he shot streams of cum into my mouth. I milked it with my jaw, but then afterwards, milked it with my hand until every last drop was out.

I thanked him, got off my knees and drove away.


cyberi4a said...

Maybe 'Sam' really lived at the house since he knew his way around so well. Nice cock pic.

Do they still call it 'Video Head Cleaner' in a world of no video

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! You have witty friends...

Anonymous said...

Nide head heah but all-American cut cock! Uncut ones are sexier!

Anonymous said...

@cyberia I thought the same thing. However I'm always the last to know. Great story though as told always by bikeguy13

BikeGuy said...

they really call it 'room odorizer" now. i dont' know anyone who'd want to live in a room that smelled like that all the time.