Monday, August 03, 2015

A Thing

Let it be said - not every feeder can treat a guy like a cocksucker.

I've touched on this before - even the "tough" ones, the domineering Sir types, turn into some kind of high school girl after the orgasm. Or sometimes before the sex even starts.

"Lived here long?"  "What do you do?"

Great questions for a date. Shitty repartee for when one is being a hole.

There are times when guys (tops and bottoms) are almost not human. You hear someone telling you that you are "just a hole" and sometimes you need to be only that. You're a receptacle.

He came over for head. At least that's what he said. I'm not bragging (and it's not bragging if it's true), but once a guy sees my cock they usually want to play with it or suck it. I don't want them to. If I did, I'd have advertised for that or answered an ad for that activity.

The easy solution would be to keep my shorts on, I know. But there is something vulnerable about being on your knees naked servicing a guy. It puts you, and keeps you, in your place.

He made a grab for my cock, but I literally cock-blocked him. He got the message, took the hint and then took over.

He put my on my knees. He took his cock in hand and guided it to my mouth. Then his hands were on my head.

We were both there, but I was more utilitarian than human. Receptacle more than mouth. There was no conversation. There wasn't even moaning - from either of us. He was laser focused on what he came here for and what he was to accomplish.

His hips didn't necessarily move fast, but forceful and with determination. This went on for a good 15 minutes.

While he made no overtures near the end, the hardening of his cock was enough for me to know ejaculation was imminent.

And he came. Globs of sperm filled my mouth. He pulled out too and shot on my face as well. He had good accuracy, which most guys don't. It didn't hit the floor - just my face.

I leaned back to savor the sperm in my mouth and to lick around my lips, capturing some of his spewed seed.

He stood over me, shook his cock two or three times - depositing any additional strands he had left. Without saying a word, fastened his pants and zipped them up as he walked to the door and departed.


cyberi4a said...

I guess that's why some ads will state something like "I'm only her to suck your cock and that's all" or something like that to let the other no nothing else is going to happen.

I hate when some guy says he's a TOP and then spends the whole time asking what you want him to do or the dreaded "Am I doing this alright for you".

I think str8 married guys are so used to letting their wives take the lead in sex, that they forget how to take control for what they want-need-enjoy.

Anonymous said...

You fucking pig. Useless except for your mouth.