Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The Russian returned - and in less than a week.

I kind of knew he would, but I'm not as enamored of the situation, actually, the man, as I was last time.

He still looked ok. Still had a nice cock.

First off - he wanted to come by at 2p. Fine. 2p turned 4p, which turned to 5p, then 6p then 6:45p. Work, he said. I get that. The man's gotta eat, so he takes the jobs he's given when he's given them.

Between the long day of work with the possible addition of his nationality, and his what is likely chain smoking unfiltered cigarettes all day - his stench was...............unique. And pungent.

I like a degree. But something was off about this and it was not pleasant, but he was, I continued. Still, each deep throating brought me closer to his crotch and overall being. When things smell really bad, I normally breathe through my mouth, but one can't do that when it is filled with cock.

The last time he kept repeating "only women", but that seal had been broken, and probably well before me. He stepped away from my mouth and fished a rubber out of his pants.

"Fuck?" he does know more words than he's letting on.

Truth be told, I didn't really want the rubber, but truth be told, I knew it wasn't really my call. I had lube, but it wasn't really compatible with condoms. I'm guessing he didn't know that.

He expertly put the rubber on, and I expertly covered it with the lube I had. And then I bent over.

Granted, I get that condom-porn also deals with guys who take ED drugs to get and keep hard, but the majority of the time I play with a guy who puts on a rubber (or if I do), the stiffness goes away. This can't just be me - right?

Well, it was no surprise when his limper (but not fully limp) noodle just couldn't get into the hole. He kept thinking he was there, I assume, the way he humped the outside of my ass. But even then, his cock would "fall out" of the non-existent hole he was "fucking".

He was frustrated, and so was I. In my annoyance, I just muttered, "just take off the damned rubber".

He either has a better grasp on the English language than I thought, and was very quick, or he had already tossed the rubber off.

I reached around with more lube and stroked his cock - and it took almost nothing to get him back to full hardness.

Then, it was me back over the desk and him pushing past my outer muscle and deep into my guts.

It surprised me very little when he was more of a jack-rabbit fucker. Fast and Furious (there already has to be a porn version of those movies - right?). Super fast, actually.  Maybe - MAYBE - four minutes and he was screaming something in his native tongue, that had to be "I'M CUMMING".

Of course, it's just my guess. He may have been saying something vile about me.

I can live with that.

I'm not sure he could have been out of there any faster - and trust me, I was ok with that.

I got his cock. I got his load. I'm not sure there will be any repeats, but you just never know.

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cyberi4a said...

by the smell comments you make, sounds like you were better off with your nose away from him and your ass towards him.