Thursday, October 15, 2015

Changing Roles

He wanted to be treated like a hole.

That is usually my role. And when we play together, it's usually my role with him. He pummels the fuck out of me when we are together. He is a seriously good top guy.

I have fucked him on occasion, but it is much more rare. Each time, we go through the premise that I don't shoot in him. It's a farce, of course. And trust me, he always makes a big deal about cumming in me.

But as a "top" who is now bottoming, you play with the role and your receptivity to taking loads up your ass, and how it might make you less of a top. The play is all role. We both know it, but we do what we have to.

It had been months and months since we had been together. I won't lie - I was a little disappointed when he told me he was in the mood for bottoming. I mean - that is MY role and it is what I love to for him.

Still - it's been a slow month for me (well by my standards. I'm still a 'whore' by most of yours), and I was a little turned on when he texted me and told me to come over and eat a fresh load out of his ass.

Feltching isn't normally my thing, but I'm always up for a hot time and a new opportunity.

I went over and went right in. The ass was clean - well, except for the load I was tonguing. Ass juice and man juice all together.

The load was sweet and still warm, though probably because it was housed inside of his body. I egged him on, asking whose it was, but I wasn't to get an honest reply. That's fair - I probably didn't know him, but you never know. Maybe that's why I wasn't told.

I stood up, lightly used the lube next to the bed, as I knew he was pre-lubed and I wanted to try to feel it. As he was still shoulders down, ass up, it was easy to get behind him and slide right up that used hole.

The hole was open, that's for sure. I couldn't really tell if I felt cum or just the lube on my cock. And in the big picture, did it matter?

I fucked him for a while. I can hold off if needed, but that presents the rigidity issues - or lack thereof.  I went in and out of erection a few times.

The guy not only didn't seem to notice, he said I did just fine - but I think he was just being nice.

As I got closer to the end - not that I was telling him I was close - the "issue" of condoms and not cumming in him came up again. But it's all role play.

I did what he asked - treated him like a hole. I pulled on my pants afterwards and drove away. I stayed in character.


LP - Hired Stud said...

role reversal can be so much fun sometimes! mmmmmmm, hot story Stud!

cyberi4a said...

yeah we noticed how you didn't cum in him...wink wink :-)

John said...

This was CRAZY HOT!!! Thanks for sharing!