Friday, October 02, 2015

Thug Life

"Don't be scared of it" he muttered.

He muttered everything - and if he only knew how unafraid I was of cock, he might never have shown up in the first place.

In standard hook up parameters - he was 25 minutes late and 2" short. On his cock, that is.

Would it be rude for me to tell them to measure their junk against the length of a dollar bill? That is only 6" long. And even while he'd have surpassed that currency by an inch or so, he wasn't 3" longer than a sawbuck.....or a single.

The 25 minutes? Anymore, that is just common. No one, besides myself it seems, is ever remotely on-time.

He was black. Maybe 5'9"....180 or so. Full thug appearance. Sweat pants. Grey hoodie, which stayed on and up and much of face covered for entire time he was with me. While my ad said I "preferred" non-smokers, he was clearly a heavy smoker. Skin. Clothes. Aura. All reeked of cigarettes. His breath of weed. Lord. It was 11a.

I have to say, after he pulled down his sweats, I was worried he wouldn't even make it to six let alone nine. He is not a show-er at all. He's a grower.

After I got down on my knees to suck him, he grew. Slowly for sure, but it happened. And at the base, he was pretty fucking thick. It was somewhat of a challenge to wrap my lips around that base, but trust me, it happened.

He encouraged me to take him all. I appreciated the talking to, but I wasn't about to not try. I wanted it all. I always do. Or usually. He held my head down, making me gag a little - but that had more to do with the time spent with air cut off than the thickness.

"Can I fuck your face?".

I suppose the question was rhetorical. I mean, by the time the last syllable left his mouth he was pumping my throat. His hands were on my head. I would have nodded 'yes' anyways, but by this point, the action was in motion.

That was when he said, "don't be scared of it".

I wasn't.

His stamina was ok, but nothing off the charts. The head lasted maybe 15 minutes.

I asked as I was on my knees if he had a big load.  "You'll find out soon enough" was the reply.

It wasn't big. If he didn't tighten his grip, I'm not sure I would have known he was shooting. I think the semen just drooled out into my mouth. But I made a show of it, before I swallowed. Not that he was interested. After he came, he was looking to put himself together to get the fuck out.

I love when post-orgasmic guilt hits some guys.

He'll be back. I can almost guarantee he'll ask for another go-round.

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LP - Hired Stud said...

i love the guys that think they are so much more than they are and you KNOW they will be coming back wanting more!

nice work Stud, nice work!