Thursday, October 22, 2015


When you get around as much as I do - what? you were all nodding anyways - it's assumed you'll encounter weirdos.

You have strange "meetings" and you just have strange folks.

This one guy saw me on Scruff maybe three years ago. He must have 'favorited' me because now and then he'll send a message saying he'd like to fuck me.

I should mention when he saw me on Scruff I was in his town. So he lives 130 miles away - so I'm not in his local feed, yet still offers to drive 2.5 hours each way to fuck me.

That, to me, is a little creepy.

Needy. Stalkerish. Unhealthy (even for me!). And downright creepy.

This last weekend I was back in his neck of the woods. I had been drinking - not that that is any excuse - and I let my guard down when he contacted me. I had a few lines cast in the water, but figured I'd hedge my bets.

He took the bait. He wanted 'now', as they all do, but then "I have to wait for my parents to call and grab dinner with a friend'. Clearly he (and so many others) don't know what 'now' means. So I set the time, figuring if I found something else / better I could cancel.

I did fine one (the last post). But the time this creepier guy was free matched up with my availability. I told him the hotel door would be unlocked, I'd be face down and he could fuck me.

"No foreplay?" was his reply.

None, I said. I just wanted fucked.

You could tell his disappointment, but I instinctively knew this wasn't a guy for extended or intimate play. And yes, kissing is way more intimate than being boned up the ass.

True to my word, I was face down. I heard him disrobe. He climbed on and in.

I have to say, he had a great cock. Long, but THICK.


I made the right call on the no foreplay thing. Hell, I made the right call on the not turning around thing.

If it is possible for a man's voice to be whiny, feminine, baby-ish and faggy at the same time, this guy mastered it. I know a person cannot help how he truly sounds, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I like the sound of a traditionally masculine male.  Of course there are exceptions - we all have exceptions.

In the middle of the 20 minute fuck, he asked again for me to turn around and kiss. I couldn't do it. I felt that allowing that would be like a marriage proposal to him. It's not that I think that much of myself, it's that 2-3 years of stalking and then letting him in to my room - and my ass - constituted some kind of acceptance of our being together. A kiss would have made it that much worse.

And to me, it was "just a fuck". It was load collection - if I'm going to be up front.

I don't think I'm projecting, but at that moment I felt him being more despondent during the fuck. He did his due diligence, and he delivered the load, but there was little heart in the action.

While I might not have been as up front about the "just a fuck" scenario as I could have been, I didn't lead him to think it was anything more. Even the prepping of how I would be situated on the bed and no foreplay should have sent up signals.

After, he eased out of my hole and asked to use the bathroom. Of course, I said 'yes'. I'm not that inhospitable. I figured he'd use a washcloth to towel off - as my ass was clean, save the other load that was deep in my guts.

So I was surprised when he fired up the shower. I was less hospitable when 15 MINUTES later, I had to crack the door (though not looking in) and told him he had to get moving. I'm sorry, but WTF? He moved (used?) the toiletries. Maybe had no running water at home - who knows. But I thought that a little too weird.

As I heard him getting ready to exit the bathroom, I resumed my position facing away from the door, so not to see him. He dressed and left without a word.

The spell might be broken. I don't think he'll be reaching out to me again.


LP - Hired Stud said...

I think the voice would have been my dismissal.

Sorry you had a bad one Stud!

John said...

Um ... Happy Halloween? (P.S., for what it's worth, I really think you made the right call!).

cyberi4a said...

it's assumed you'll encounter weirdos.

Yep, been there and done that. And I know what you mean about not looking at someone as you just know if you did all would be ruined/over/sickening/whatever.