Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hispanic Grandad

Ok, yes he is Hispanic, and yes he was a grandfather, but he was 49...............and a grandfather.

Standing 5'10" and maybe weighing in at 170, he had spiky salt & pepper hair, with a similarly hued beard.  He was hot.

The 7.5" FAT uncut dick didn't hurt.

Oh, maybe to the uninitiated he would have. But I had been fucked twice the night before and now twice the same morning.

Yes, after the furry guy who fucked my hole right after midnight, I had another guy stop by my room. 5'5" doesn't quite meet my height requirement and his dick was as proportionately small as his stature.

But for the second time - and in the same trip - trick #4 and 5 crossed paths at the hotel room door. What are the odds?

Abuelo, as we will call him, was a great kisser. Fiery. Very Latin in his passion. Hands on both sides of my face as he kissed me with feeling.

My hands however, went to his waist. I undid his belt and pulled down his fly. I have passion too, but it's not always in my lips, and even when it is, the lips might be used for something else.

At this point, I didn't even go to my knees to suck his cock. It was hard, wet and ready.

Abuelo dragged me to the bed and got me on my back. With the same intensity he had in kissing, he looked at me as he slid his thick cock into my hole.

I know you're all thinking that I'd never even feel it, after four cocks in the last 8-10 hours, but I did. I felt every fucking inch of it - tip to base and all the way around.

The man knew what he was doing. He talked about how he had bred four guys over the last three days but was still in need. I was that need.

He used my hole for a good 20 minutes. I was hoping for longer. I know it seems like this weekend was a load collection weekend, but I really liked how his cock felt in me. I liked how he used it for his own pleasure but simultaneously gave me my own. My ass was in fucking heaven with that uncut cock up to the root.

But as that 20 minute mark started to approach, I saw that he wasn't going to be able to hold back. I even encouraged him to just let it loose. Go nuts.

He did. He abandoned all niceties and just started POUNDING my hole. I do like seeing that change-over when they could care less about who is below them and all they want is to just fucking cum. They are blind with lust. They are focused on only them. It's a hot thing to see.........assuming you're into that.

I could feel that fat shaft just twitch in me as he left load #5 up my ass.

He slipped out far far far too soon. But he didn't object to me sinking to my knees to clean off his dick.

It went right in my mouth, still glistening from coming out of my ass, no doubt covered with some of the loads before his.....and mixed with his.

I cleaned the knob. I cleaned under the foreskin. I slicked and sucked the shaft clean.

He left without incident. He ran into no one - at least that I know of.  He sent me many follow-up emails saying how hot that all was. I'm glad he enjoyed it. I know I fucking did.

But I was still ready for #6.


Anonymous said...

no pics?

cyberi4a said...

WARNING: Reading this blog will give you an erection and leave you with wet underware :-)

LP - Hired Stud said...

thanks for the hard-on Stud!